I find that most of my posts lately are about my thoughts on Psychology. This is probably because I am in my finally 10 classes and it’s all I read about.
But anyways, on with my psychological thoughts for today:

Being an adult, I have heard a bit about Freud. It started from the first time someone mentioned a Freudian slip, to the times that he has been brought up to where I looked up vague synopsis-es of his theory of psychology.
And every time I looked him up and read about his theories I thought I did not like them.

About a year ago I was thinking about Freud as the “found of Psychology” and thought I should probably actually find out what he was about since I had already decided I really didn’t like him.
I downloaded onto my phone all of his published works. (There were a few.)
I started to read them and got through the first volume, but the old English with scientific vernacular was too much for me, so I gave up before I even got to the good parts, like his theory.

But now that I am in the actual Psychology core classes of college, we are spending quite a bit of time studying Freud’s theory of personality, so I can finally make an educated decision?
Annnnnnd I hate his theory.
In fact, as the founder of psychology, I am pretty sure he has shaped our society in a huge, negative way.
So…not happy with him.

I don’t care as much about his theory of the mind and how it is made up, but what I don’t like is that in Freudian theory there are only two motivating factors in life or reasons why people do things: Sex and Aggression due to the desire to die.

Sex and death…that’s all there is. Everything else is just a manifestation of sex and death.

A very funny scene with Jermaine Clements in Dinner for Schmucks.

What. the. hell.

In the entirety of the human experience and mind, how is it possible that someone could think there is only sex and death? Even in infants, Freud found only sex and death.

I mean, if this is the foundation of psychology, no wonder we now have a society that is completely sex crazed and my generation cannot have a healthy sexual life, because they can’t balance between too much sex and complete abstinence.
But why am I a surprised?
Apparently there were only two options for what people do and the morbidity crazed are more taboo than the sex crazed.

You can’t hear my long sigh when I try to talk about it. The concept to me is just so ridiculous and dumb that I just end up throwing my hands up.
Why does it bother me so much?
Because I see it. I see how this one theorist was the founder of psychology and has shaped a society where sex is everything and those who can have sex with multiple partners are idolized.

It’s just a pity so much was based on his studies, because yes sex is great, but there is more to life than sex. And yes, death happens, but again there is more to life than death.
So, that sucks.
There is nothing more that I can say than it sucks.


Just a Friendly Reminder that I’m not Pregnant.

Can I talk about sex on my blog? Is that something I can do? Or is that weird?
I only ask, because I need someone to tell my fantasies to…
I feel like I made some unspoken rule at some point that I wouldn’t talk about it on my blog. I know I did that with cussing and that gets pretty difficult to maintain sometimes on here.
The problem is that I made those rules when I made the blog. I was 19 and very religious.
But people grow up and change views until they are….sort of an adult. And sex happens.
Not so much for me right now, but it does come into play when you’re an adult.

Case and Point:

Yesterday I got a flash case of…flu, I guess? It could have been a migraine.
But I ended up with the most blinding head ache and the worst nausea ever.

Well, telling your friends and coworkers these symptoms ends with one very fun question:

Are you pregnant?!

What? No. My body is attacking me. Are you pregnant?
Get out of here with that pregnant shi…z.
Pregnant shiz.
You can’t see me cringe.

But it is pretty much impossible for me to be pregnant. Last time I checked you have to have sex recently to get pregnant.
Unless its Jesus. But I would be the worst Mother of Jesus ever.
So probably not.

Which brings me to the point of this post.
I am so killing it with men lately.
But not killing it as in I am doing great. Killing it as in I want to die…

Yeah, men and me aren’t mixing much lately and when I do end up talking to one, not even in a sexual way, it’s like watching a slow motion picture of the Titanic sinking.
It’s not even a good movie, it would take a long time even if it wasn’t in slow motion and the whole thing is just painful.
That is me and men.

It’s gotten so bad that yesterday I was working with one of my new coworkers. First time talking to him.
Out of nowhere he asks if I am a lesbian.
When I told him no, he told me

Just so you know, I support that and you can feel comfortable with me.

…Four letter word.
It’s so nice to have support in people’s assumption of your sexuality change.
Don’t know where he got that assumption from. There wasn’t any indication that I was giving that I am gay.
Pretty sure we weren’t even talking about it.
I told a woman I work with who is actually gay and she was as confused as me.

And this is a reoccurring problem. Recently I’ve been on dates that ended with the guy calling me “weird”.
And now, I’m just awkward now because of it.
I don’t know how to act.
My only assumption, and I will probably talk about this again, is that I moved to a new state where I don’t fit in.
And something about the mentality here and myself do not match up.

The point is, I’m not pregnant and sex is a natural part of everyone’s life.
Except me. When your weird you don’t get sex.

On that note, have a good day.