You should budget, they all said.
You should keep a close eye on your money, they all said.
Read Gordon Ramsey’s book, they all said.

I mean, this is something that has been said to almost every person as soon as they get a bank account. Not necessarily Gordon Ramsey, but the other terms are pretty common. My bank is emailing me about them all the time.

“Meet with one of our Bankers today! Overhaul your finances!”

I tried doing that once and it turned out that they could not help me with anything, because I didn’t have nice enough credit.
…which would mean I need a financial overhaul?
Anyway, who cares.

It wasn’t until about a year ago that I started to really work on budgeting and balancing my checkbook using Excel.
It was something that the CFO of my old company used to have me do sometimes when she was too busy and then I though “Maybe I should do this in my own life.”
And so I started to and it did really help with budgeting and keeping track of how much money I have.
Better than any budgeting app that I have ever used.
My sister and brother-in-law make fun of me whenever I saw that I am going to balance my checkbook, but that’s okay. I don’t mind if I seem like a grandma.

However, the one downside to doing it this way is that a lot of times I will sit and look at my checkbook and budget for long periods of time.
I think this is similar to when you go to the fridge and just stare in it hoping to find something that you did not see before.
Since I am trying to get out of debt and have some big things I am saving for, I will just stare at my budget and checkbook for hours, looking over the different lines in it like I am suddenly going to see any money that I have missed in the previous hours.
This usually happens when I am at work doing something else like talking to a customer on the phone and I will be helping them, but looking at my budget.

I have taken a few steps back in my career, so I am definitely not going to suddenly find a bunch of money in my budget.
Even if I work an hour of overtime, by the time taxes are taken out, I will have like $5 more than I would have before.
But at the same time, I suppose it is not as bad as my coworkers who talk about video games for 8 hours a day, every single day.

Pick your poison.


Safe Bet.

Okay, yesterday I got paid and yesterday I was really broke.
Like $13 left broke.
Not counting savings, obviously.
Here’s what happened, first off, I went out to eat a lot the last two weeks. Got a little Diner crazy.
And then I got charged a bill 3 days early. I’m not exactly sure why I got charged three days before I told them to charge me, but I did.
Guys, if I say I get paid on the 20th, don’t charge me on the 17th.
Help me help you when I actually have money.

Well, I wish I was just someone who could have something like that happen and not worry about it.
You just take some money from your savings to cover it and then you’re good right?
I sit and I worry about whether I am financially  responsible or not.
I mean, I shouldn’t have to pull money from my savings to cover myself, right?
And I haven’t put money in my savings for the past 3 weeks. So I am borrowing without giving.
Not a good idea, Corz.

However, after I do get my check I realize that it’s a really good check.
I have this habit lately where I have been working 50 hours a week  instead of the regular 40.
So, pretty dang good check.
Then I went to make my car payment, because this is my car payment check, and surprise! It finally happened.
I am one payment ahead.
Now, I know this is a small victory, but I have been paying extra for the past 10 months that I have had the car just so I could be one payment ahead. I figured I can’t make an extra payment, but I can afford and extra 20 or 40 dollars each payment.
So I did.
And now I am one payment ahead. So if by chance I lost my job or something happened.
BAM! Guess who is safe from being overdue.
What up?
I wish I could pay my premium on my Insurance. 6 months without that payment?
That’s awesome!
But expensive. Same with Credit Cards.

So, I feel like I am not totally financially irresponsible, but sometimes it’s hard to feel like you have it all together when you have to take money out of your savings.
Or when you bank account hits $0.

But my biggest issue when trying to be financially is I will get my check and decide what my financial plan is for that check.
I will lay it out in my head what I am going to buy, how I am going to position it around to where it can be saved and what bills I am going to pay.
But then the weekend comes and I really want to wear something new.
Which is so silly, because I don’t think I am one of those shopaholic girls who always needs to be shopping and always needs to  get that thrill of buying something.
I just always feel like I have nothing to wear and I like buying clothes that I can plan outfits with.

I just contradicted myself and we will all have to live with it.
I don’t know.
I am probably going to buy a new pair of shoes or something.
I really want some Ray Bans glasses so I can be a fake hipster.
I’m just rambling now.

I am almost a financially responsible person.
And there you go.

Let’s Hope this Goes More Smoothly.

Yesterday I heard a lot about finances and using a budget. Lately my money has been going rather quickly and I have been kinda down about my spending habits. So hearing all these people talk about budgets yesterday made me think that I might have to get it in gear and write down everything I am spending so I can know where I am at. They also mentioned that using cash instead of your card will help but I am not completely ready to get that financial.

Well I got paid this morning and this check seems more promising because when I saw that I had been paid, there was a sudden rush of everything I had to buy coming into my head. So I am hoping that I am getting better at these things. I also think my finances will last longer now that I am not working in an office where I get a lunch break and I feel the need to buy myself food. Eating out will kill your wallet so many times over.
Basically all I am planning on buying is new contacts and gifts for certain members of my family who are having birthdays this month. That is all.

OH! And it’s the first of the month, so I will be taking my new piggy bank and turning in the coins. I am expecting about 10 dollars out of it, but I am still excited.