So, I know that I haven’t written on my blog in a while, but the sad truth of the matter is that I haven’t had much to say.
I have still had conversations with people, but it is again similar to calling your parents and the first thing they ask is what is new?
There is no news.
But this is something I have thought about this weekend and again today. I know it’s something that I have written about on here before, but I have had my blog for 6 years now, so that is bound to happen.

The thought that I have been having mostly revolves around the idea of how people perceive me in that first 7 seconds that they see me.
I had a boss once when I was 16 years old who told me that people make their first impression judgement in the first 7 seconds that they meet you.
I have never taken the time to look up studies to confirm this, but this idea has stuck with me since that boss told me about it.
If I only have 7 seconds in the beginning to make that first impression, which many people say is hard to later get over, what do people in those first few seconds.

These are the two specific questions that come to mind when I think about that perception:

  • Do I look like an adult or a child?
  • Do I look like a girl?

Now, in today’s day and age, or maybe just in the popular media and Tumblr’s world, people supposedly aren’t meant to decide if you are a female or not when they first meet you?
I can’t speak for that, but I can speak for the fact that I want them to clearly see that I am a female.
Why do I sit and wonder about this?
Well, I mostly wear the same things everyday. There have been times, like at the beginning of the year, that I have thought that I should dress cuter or more feminine, but I always end up dressing the same and wanting to wear the same clothes.
I have found that when I do wear different clothes, I am always waiting for when I can change back into the basics that I wear:

  • High Waist Skinny Jeans
  • Plain T-shirt (Usually a mens, sometimes a V-neck)
  • Toms or slip ons (sometimes Tennis shoes)
  • Hoodie (if it’s cold)

That’s all I ever want to wear. I dress up every Sunday or when I am asked to, but that is it for style. And again, when I try to change what I wear, I just think about how much I wish I was wearing the basics again.

Anyways, a couple of days ago I was walking up the stairs of my new job and at the top of the stairs was this man dressed in a suit.
And he looked good. He wasn’t particularly attractive, in case that is what you meant, but he looked snappy.
This is what I was wearing:


And when I walked past this man and we said Good Morning, I wondered if he thought I looked like a child.
Did he? We don’t know.

But this is a reoccurring thought of whether I look like an adult female or now.

That’s it.


Dresses are nice, but…


Okay, every week I sit and I plan all week what I am going to wear to church on Sunday.
I almost buy a new dress every single paycheck I get.
Then when church time comes, I will sit and do my hair, wear lipstick, put in contacts, heels and basically get decked out.
I like looking like a girl and I love getting all dressed up, looking pretty.
But it is a lot of work and I am more in love with other things.

I am more in love with jeans and tennis shoes.
I had not worn some tennis shoes in a long time, because most of my shoe money went to Toms and I was not sure what style I was going for. I had always loved converse, but somewhere a long the way I got disinterested in buying them.
It might have been when my mother called them “clown shoes”.
But who knows.

The point is, during the week I cannot be bothered with dressing up.
I can’t be bothered with wearing dresses and coordinating every single thing I am wearing.
Too much work and too early in the morning.
Plus, there is nothing more comfortable than jeans.
I actually had my coworker say to me the other day “No one is asking you to wear something other than jeans, Corrie. We won’t require you to part with that love.”
Now, I had never mentioned that I loved jeans to this coworker, they just happened to notice that I wear them everyday.
That’s kind of awkward.
I don’t pay attention to what other people wear every day. And jeans aren’t weird.
It’s not like I wear gauchos everyday.

I don’t know.
The point is, yesterday I got all dressed up for church and that was nice.
But then right after church I got back into my jeans, my converse and my glasses and that was nicer.

You needed to know this.

Safe Bet.

Okay, yesterday I got paid and yesterday I was really broke.
Like $13 left broke.
Not counting savings, obviously.
Here’s what happened, first off, I went out to eat a lot the last two weeks. Got a little Diner crazy.
And then I got charged a bill 3 days early. I’m not exactly sure why I got charged three days before I told them to charge me, but I did.
Guys, if I say I get paid on the 20th, don’t charge me on the 17th.
Help me help you when I actually have money.

Well, I wish I was just someone who could have something like that happen and not worry about it.
You just take some money from your savings to cover it and then you’re good right?
I sit and I worry about whether I am financially  responsible or not.
I mean, I shouldn’t have to pull money from my savings to cover myself, right?
And I haven’t put money in my savings for the past 3 weeks. So I am borrowing without giving.
Not a good idea, Corz.

However, after I do get my check I realize that it’s a really good check.
I have this habit lately where I have been working 50 hours a week  instead of the regular 40.
So, pretty dang good check.
Then I went to make my car payment, because this is my car payment check, and surprise! It finally happened.
I am one payment ahead.
Now, I know this is a small victory, but I have been paying extra for the past 10 months that I have had the car just so I could be one payment ahead. I figured I can’t make an extra payment, but I can afford and extra 20 or 40 dollars each payment.
So I did.
And now I am one payment ahead. So if by chance I lost my job or something happened.
BAM! Guess who is safe from being overdue.
What up?
I wish I could pay my premium on my Insurance. 6 months without that payment?
That’s awesome!
But expensive. Same with Credit Cards.

So, I feel like I am not totally financially irresponsible, but sometimes it’s hard to feel like you have it all together when you have to take money out of your savings.
Or when you bank account hits $0.

But my biggest issue when trying to be financially is I will get my check and decide what my financial plan is for that check.
I will lay it out in my head what I am going to buy, how I am going to position it around to where it can be saved and what bills I am going to pay.
But then the weekend comes and I really want to wear something new.
Which is so silly, because I don’t think I am one of those shopaholic girls who always needs to be shopping and always needs to  get that thrill of buying something.
I just always feel like I have nothing to wear and I like buying clothes that I can plan outfits with.

I just contradicted myself and we will all have to live with it.
I don’t know.
I am probably going to buy a new pair of shoes or something.
I really want some Ray Bans glasses so I can be a fake hipster.
I’m just rambling now.

I am almost a financially responsible person.
And there you go.

Summer Preperations.

Summer is coming and I live in California. The year that I have been here, over the summer there was so much going on that I couldn’t really focus on things like what I was wearing.
But now it is becoming warm again (happens to do that very early here).
Each time the seasons change I have to redecide what I am going to wear.
I feel like every couple of weeks I am rethinking my entire “style”.
I don’t think I am a super fashionable person. I don’t really keep up with trends or make sure that I am always decked out super cute.
In fact, most days it’s cardigans, skinny jeans and Toms. It’s comfortable.

But as we are reaching the warmer season, I am actually considering wearing shorts. I haven’t wanted to wear shorts in years.
I got big and I didn’t want to wear shorts anymore. But I have lost weight and now I think I may be able to wear shorts.
Plus it’s hot.

Anyways, the problem with dressing nicely is that it’s really difficult to do it all week, whereas I only have to actually dress nicely once a week.
So it’s easy to decide how to dress in summer one day a week.
Also, it’s easier to talk about my clothes than my “feelings”.
I bought this dress:


With these shoes:


You can’t see the laces very well. But they are cute. Trust me.
Also, here is a selfie:


(I’m getting really good at those.)

Valentines and stuff.

Here’s the thing about my life, I’ve mentioned a few times that I don’t really have the best luck with men.
So, I’ve never actually gone on a date on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t really mean that much to me.
I found myself looking for a Valentine’s Dat outfit and an outfit for my birthday (which are in the same week, so it might be overkill, but both important.)
You see, I am pretty much a jean and sweater or v-neck type person.
Dressing up everyday is a lot of work. I mean, I know it seems like you just get dressed and then never think about it again, but once I get dressed it does seem like work afterwards.
For example, I have a lace skirt, I have to hold it anytime I walk because it gets caught on my heels.
And it’s too long to wear a flat boot with it. And heels are a nightmare in itself. Those are hella work.
But I have to say the things that should be simple and is the worst ever is lipstick. (Spell check offered me liposuction there, laugh.)
With lipstick it’s like if I even think I have to reapply it. It gets all over everything, including my teeth. Then it rubs off and it smears so I look like the freaking Joker. Luckily I found lip stain or else my life would just be a mess.

Now, I realize that whole section of reading might have been boring, which was my point. It’s boring and hard work to be a “girl”.
Which is why jeans work just fine.
However I am someone who likes to wear nice clothes and get dressed up and look pretty. (Remember the Christmas party)
So, instead of putting out more effort than just doing my make up on everyday, I find “special occasions” where I can do it in short bursts.
Like my birthday or Valentines day. So, even though I do nothing on either of them and they do not matter so much, I should dress up, because it’s not like I’m doing it any other time.

I’m not really sure where I was going with this, so I will just end with one of my favorite jokes.
Did you hear about the circus fire?

It was intense.


I’m so excited that today is Casual Friday, pretty much the best thing that has happened to me all week.

Usually I wear casual anyways, but today I’m working in an office and the fact that they have a specific day for wearing your jeans is absolutely beautiful. Makes me appreciate this so much more. Jeans have never been so great as they are this day, on Casual Friday.

Now obviously I have heard of Casual Friday before, but I’ve never actually experienced it or played a part in it. I get to sit in my desk all day, but this time wearing what I want to wear. Not “business casual”, whatever the heck that is.
I swear I hate it when people say things like “light formal” or “business casual” or even ” nice casual”.
I don’t even know what that means. In my mind there is formal, business and casual. There is no light, dark, mean or even heavy. You are either dressed nice or you are not.

Then there is always pajamas. I think that gets its own category. Pajamas are the best ever. Which reminds me I’m tired, guess what time it is.

Anyways, it’s Casual Friday and I’m rocking it.