So, tonight I was looking in my closet for my Christmas sweaters, because tomorrow is the first of December. And when I pulled out my Christmas sweaters, I also found a bunch of winter clothes. Like sweats and sweatshirts.

It was honestly like I had found buried treasure I was so stoked about it. All these clothes that I knew about, but forgot I had still. There were only like 6 items, but I had just assumed I had donated them at some point. It was pretty exciting.

But it was also exciting because I realized that I had at one point packed away some of my winter clothing. Like a normal person you hear about doing that. I had the foresight to put away winter clothes for a later date in a place that wouldn’t be in the way instead of just hanging in the closet.

I’m so impressed with my past self for doing this. I’m not as impressed with my current self, because obviously I forgot about doing this, but I am still impressed with my past self for it.

This realization was actually more exciting than finding the clothes. But the clothes are important because it’s getting cold here finally.

Win all around. 


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