So, I have been a bit under the weather the last two weeks.
I even went as far as going to the Urgent Care to find out what the deal was.
They put me on an antibiotics pack, which I later found out that apparently antibiotics make me very light headed. Like I take one and it pretty much walking up some stairs will almost make me pass out.
I know this, because I work on the second floor.

Anyways, one thing I have noticed having this infection and consistently not feeling well is that for one I do not take any illness I have seriously.
I have mentioned this a couple of times before, so I will not go into it again.
The second thing I have noticed is how much people rely on your looks to determine the validity of whether you are sick/afflicted or not. Especially with the men in my life currently.
They were completely thrown.

I realized that it is my make up that throws people off.
I honestly think that I do my make up pretty well and so it really is difficult for people to see in my face that I am not feeling very well.
To illustrate this, I went ahead and took a picture of myself on the day that I was feeling my worst:


You win germs.


One thought on “10/14/2016

  1. So true! You look great for being sick though. I detest being sick and can rarely put on makeup on truly sick days. Good for you! I’m a little whimp when I’m sick!

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