So, everyone is upset about the clowns.
They are all over the freaking place, scaring people and threatening people. One of these people who are dressing up as clowns is eventually going to get shot and then that will be a whole huge deal as well.
Mass hysteria is so easy now that we have social media.

But I just want to point out that these clowns terrorizing people is not a new situation.
(By the way, does anyone remember the post I did where I analyzed why people are afraid of clowns? I do.)
Does anyone remember Wasco in 2014?

I do, because this was around the time that I was starting a new branch for a company I was working for.
They moved me out to Provo, UT to a new building park and we were the only ones in the building that we were in.
Since this was a new branch, my partner and I were the only ones who were in this building in the early morning. Since it was winter, that meant that it did not get light out until about 8 am.
We had to be in at 7 and often times I would get there between 6:30 to 6:45 am, when it was really dark.
I was in this empty building by myself most mornings for about 30 minutes when they were having reports of clowns walking around random places.
Often times there would be banging in the ceiling and I was convinced they were coming to get me. We found out later that we had a bat problem, but we did not know about this in the beginning.
So, I would usually end up going outside and sitting on the bench in front of the building waiting for my partner to get there instead of trying to brave out this scary situation.

Now, I don’t remember hearing anything about clowns last Halloween. At all.
But now two years later, I am working for a company where once again I start at 7 am and I am by myself for an hour before anyone else shows up.
In an empty building.
And what is happening again?
Clown reports.
Because the universe hates me.

So, if any of you think that we are getting clown reports because people are messed up and teenagers are dumb, you are mistaken.
We are actually getting clown reports, because I am at my most vulnerable in the early dark mornings.
And this building seems to be making noises as well in the mornings.
Is it all in my head?
I don’t think so.
When I was a little girl and I couldn’t sleep, I would hear things in the house too. My mother would then later on tell me

“Corrie, houses make noises. It’s just settling.”

Settling what?
Not my fears, that’s for dang sure.

Anyways, I am just saying the whole clown thing is not helping me have a good morning each day.



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