So, a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks and I just haven’t really talked about it, because I have just been kind of rolling with it.
Some people may feel that this is the best way to be in life, I am still on the fence as to whether it is or not.
However, I have found that I have just surrendered to living that way, because making a lot of plans or having a lot of expectations has never really gotten me anywhere anyways.
But that could just be my personality. I am sure if I was someone that really stuck to plans and had to have one, I would be more married to the idea.

Either way, life happened in the past few weeks and I let it.
I am now living with my grandfather in St. George, UT. I moved here last week and I am still not even used to waking up here.
It is one of those things that just happened.
My cousin was living with him, but he got married three weeks ago and I still didn’t have a job, so I ended up taking his place.
I was just in the right place, right time for it to happen.

I was in an interview the other day here in St. George and they asked me how long I was planning to stay.
I told them that I didn’t know.
I know that I was moving to Utah to start building an adult life that I could have for the long term, but I guess I am just going to do this first?
Or maybe this is where I am supposed to be?
I’m not sure. It is still Utah, but a little more desert than I was hoping to move to.

The point is, I am just winging this and going to see how it goes.

(Young Lion by Vampire Weekend)


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