Back when the was a teenager, if you had asked me what my favorite thing about myself is, I would have told to my hair. 

I have always had a lot of body to my hair and ever since puberty it has been naturally curly. Sometimes more curly than other times, but there was always body and curl in it.

Ever since I bleached my hair the last time, the body has been less prevalent, but still there. 

Because of this, it’s always inevitable when I am working with someone or see them consistently enough that they ask:

Corrie, why don you straighten your hair?


Will you straighten your hair tomorrow?

This happened late last week at my temporary job and I finally got around to it last night.

It actually is a process, because I takes too long to straighten in the morning. You have to straighten it the night before and then touch it up in the morning. This means that you have to be clean enough to be able to go with just dry shampoo.

Last night was that night. This is the coveted look of me with straight hair:

I don’t like it straight. It feels boring to me. Also, with the length that it is, that’s usually the straight hair cut they give actresses playing women who are supposed to be cold and removed. Thanks. 

In reality though, I like when it’s wild. Yesterday another woman at the job was laughing because I was shaking my head and ruffling my hair because I thought it was too flat. 

I like it wild.

So, the same thing happens almost everytime I straighten it now. It takes only a few hours for me to put it up.

I check to make sure that everyone who wanted to see did, then I put it up. 

Now, I know what you may be thinking, “Was that a top knot?”

It was, kind of drooping when I took the pic, but it was. Sometimes I try to attempt the “in” styles.

Like I also have an undercut

I feel slightly weird when I do in styles. Kind of like when I was in high school.

Wow, look who’s trying to fit in.

Instead of it’s just cool, it takes me awhile to adjust that I’m wearing this. 

The jokes on me, no body but me notices these things.

Anyways, I just wanted to talk about my hair, because I put in effort today.



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