So, tomorrow marks the second week that I have been here in Utah.
All week I have been feeling like I should post something on my blog, but I really just didn’t have anything to say.
It’s like avoiding the question “What’s new?” that you get from people sometimes.
Nothing. Literally nothing is new.
I have not figured out any new truths. I have not met anyone new or done anything interesting or note worthy.
I have nothing that I could say to respond to that question.

How is that possible when I just moved to a new state?
Well, I did live here before, so it’s not like I am in completely new terrain.
But I just feel like I have re-started my life over so many times that it’s not really unique anymore. The process involved in living in a new place is just tiring now, not really exciting anymore.
(Part of the reason that I have decided to stop with the jumping around.)

What I have been doing since I moved to Utah is mostly apply for jobs, interviewing and when I am not doing that, I discovered a couple of the Walking Dead game apps on my phone that have been occupying my time.
It’s really exciting, but not enough to tell someone when they ask what’s new.
Especially since my virtual apocalypse team isn’t very good. We can’t beat any other teams and I almost feel like I might be better at it in real life, which is far-fetched.
Oh! And I also started running again in the mornings, because there is no excuse for not working out if you aren’t going anywhere for a while.
My endurance is shot though since I sprained my ankle last November.

To sum things up, after two weeks of being in Utah, nothing is new.
I have gone on a lot of interviews, gotten a couple offers that didn’t pan out and can only run 4 miles an hour for 20 minutes.
My sister keeps reminding me that I can’t expect for things to happen immediately for me and I need to be patient.
So, that’s what I plan to do.
Just take things as they come and as for it being a “good move” or a “bad move” I cannot really decide and it does not matter since I won’t be leaving any time soon.

What’s new with you?


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