You know, in the past week approaching Easter people kept asking me what my plans were and were shocked to find out that I had none. Many people asked me why I was not going to home to spend Easter with my family, but Easter was never a huge “holiday” in our household.
We would do an Easter egg hunt, but it was never something very big or memorable as a holiday in what you would normally consider to be a holiday nowadays.

Now, this does not mean that I am not struck with awe over the reason that we celebrate Easter.
The Atonement and Resurrection are two of my favorite subjects, because I have felt my sins being forgiven and I know that I can live again through Christ.
But this Easter I felt a little ashamed that I was not completely wrapped up in the spirit of what my Savior has done for me.
I think that travelling so much for work has left me exhausted and not focusing on the things that I should be as much. (Also, you will notice that it has left me not posting on my blog)

As I listened to the testimonies this Easter and even read the story of Christ rising in the Bible this afternoon, I realized that I was going to need to work harder at keeping the spirit with me as I travel and to let it still be a part of my focus when I am going about my work.

I am always excited about the Resurrection of Christ though, just need to carry that excitement with me always.


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