Business Conversations

Okay, do you ever listen to yourself talk? Like objectively think about what you are saying as you are saying it and how it might sound to someone else or even yourself if someone else had said it to you instead?
I mention a lot that I try to think objectively about things and remove myself from the situation and obviously by me bringing up that scenario it is something that I do.


I have also mentioned before that I never fully feel like I have become an adult when I am in the moment. I have to remove myself from a situation or look at my life detached to see how adult I am. This includes listening to the things I say and thinking “Wow, that was really adult like to say. This person really knows what they are talking about.”

Which I usually do know what I am talking about or I am willing to break down and learn. But if I sit and listen to myself in meetings with people at my company and the conversations I have, I sound pretty freaking adult.
It’s mind-boggling to my inner child the meetings I find myself in and the people I end up training on a weekly basis.
Or just even the amount of responsibility I handle consistently without thinking about it.
I can recite facts, statistics, technical processes by memory. I can design extremely lucrative marketing processes and discuss them with very talented business people on a daily basis.
Alright, Corrie Kartchner!
(Said in third person because I have removed myself from the situation. I am not a tool.)

But then…

Recently in the last few days I was working with a director at my work to get his Internet running since our IT person was at one of our other stores.
This director does not work well with computers outside what he does with them in his field, so I was walking back and forth with him from different locations trying to find the best vantage point where he could pick up our internal network.
Finally I got him situated in a spot, but it would only work by him plugging into the wall. (I would have said Ethernet, but who cares?)
Then he says to me:

I think the best solution going forward is for me to get a jet pack.

My response was “I agree. That’s perfect.”
He continued to tell me all the reasons why this jet pack would fix our internet problems for him.
But it wasn’t until later  he mention that a JetPack is a name of a mobile hotspot device.

I had an entire conversation with a director at my work trying to resolve a real issue for him where I thought we were discussing how jet packs could solve our business-related problems.
And the conversation fit both of what we thought we were talking about for longer than I would like to admit.

So, it’s like I am an adult, but…


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