Supporting Character

So, I am a big believer in not comparing yourself to other people. That is huge.
Especially when it comes to your looks or things that could dramatically decrease your self-esteem.
However, I am not oblivious or immune. Other people do exist and their lives do cross paths with yours, which makes it hard to not take a look at what is happening there and what you are seeing yourself.

A few weeks ago I went out to dinner with someone who I have not seen in a while and this person was telling me all about their relationships with so many different people and the things that are going on in their life.
I could not help but think “Wow, none of that ever happens to me.”

~Let’s pause right here real quick, I am not writing this because I am unhappy. I am actually very happy with myself and the relationships I do have.~

When she was talking about all these different situations I realized that I had none of those types of people or situations in my life.

Fast forward to today where this has been on my mind a lot. Today I have not seen or really talked to anyone all day besides a few texts that I have sent.
I have mentioned before that for the most part I live alone and outside of work I spend a good amount of my time alone.
But I am happy. I am excited about my day today and the things I have accomplished. I am also happy with my life even though it is alone for the most part.
There are many people who love me and I love them and I do many things, not important things, but still many fun and good things.

So, as I was sitting here trying to think over how this situation plays together and what this means. I ended up at the same conclusion that I have before in the past, although maybe not as direct.
What if…I am just a supporting character?
If life is one huge story being written and I don’t feel that I am the main character of the story and the things I do really impact the story as of yet, maybe I am just a supporting character.

The person who comes and trains/teaches the main character. Or the quirky coworker who changes her hair every few weeks. Or maybe the girl at church who is always there trying to be involved, sometimes too much.
The person that silently supports the character or adds a little detail to the story, but is there for moral support.

I once gave a lesson about how there is strength in being a support to your family and to people who are doing hard things.
That just because it isn’t about you does not mean that you do not play a role.

So, when someone texting me how I was doing today, I told them I was having a great day! I worked out this morning. I went to target and bought yogurt and snap peas. I swept my bedroom and did some laundry. And I painted my nails red.
What a great day!
Not a relevant day, but a great day!

Something that has been on my mind a lot has been how to live an ordinary life and maybe part of that is being a supporting character to all the people around you.
Being that one important moment and then afterwards you do other things until you have your next important moment, either by yourself or with others.
I’m trying to learn to live this ordinary life that I have and I am definitely working to be happy with it.
And that’s all I wanted to say.

(Do you realize? by The Flaming Lips. You can listen to it here if you can’t see the player.)


2 thoughts on “Supporting Character

  1. Excellent analysis of life roles. There’s nothing wrong with being a supporting role. We should all at least take our turn there….and I think most of us do…sooner or later….at one time or another. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the people in my life AND “the roles they play in my life”. I believe I learn so much from all around me….For instance even if I don’t agree how a family member lives his life…I still learn a lot from him… patience among many other things.
    Oh and just wait….you never know just how extraordinary your life may be throughout your life. I think you’re absolutely extraordinaire!
    From you I learn to be myself because you’re an excellent of that.

  2. You’re the main lead in your own life and there is no script and there is no understudy its just you and how you want to lead it. This world is a delusion and with the introduction of social media our whole life is under magnifying glass we want people to follow us and like us and approve of what we do. Its just look at me and what I’m doing and what I’m eating. We want to be seen by people. But does that even mean anything?

    You are already the lead in your own life you are already in the spot light and being seen by the only One that really matters. He is watching you and He sees how you fulfil your role in every encounter. You have a higher purpose and have your own path.

    Im usually alone most of the day but I’m busy and I’m happy I like to be connected to my own thoughts thats where self growth lies and not be clouded by other peoples judgements. Think of the movie castaway or recently the martian its on your own when know one is watching where your character is.

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