The hole in my brain.

So, this morning I was laying in bed after my alarm clock rang just thinking. I do this a lot. It’s one of the main reasons it takes so long for me to get ready in the mornings.
There is just so much to think about when you are putting off starting the day.

Today I was thinking about how I really needed to get ready, because I had a 7:45 dentist appointment for a root canal.
I had a piece of one of my teeth break off and it was too close to the nerve for them to be able to just fill it. Also, I found out that I have really bad teeth due to genetics. So, even though I floss, rinse and brush everyday, it really does not matter.

That is besides the point. I was laying in bed thinking about this dentist appointment and how I had a co-pay of $250.
It was kind of striking me as odd how adult it was for me to be actually paying for my own root canal. Not that I was feeling someone else should be paying for it, but that I was actually putting myself willingly into this situation and paying to be in that situation.
I mean, I have heard before that a root canal is the most painful thing that can happen to you if you do not have anesthesia. I have seen movies where they are torturing someone and they do a root canal to torture someone.
And I was paying for it.

Then I was thinking about how I was actually paying for someone to drill into a portion of my head.
So, this was the closest thing I would ever get (hopefully) to paying for my own lobotomy.
How did they even come up with this procedure? I mean, I am glad that they have it, but how did they decide “This tooth is bad, we should drill into it and pull out the nerves.”
And then someone else was like “I love that idea!”

They have really gotten good at it too.
Which sounds like a weird thing to say, but I remember when I was younger and you could eat a few hours afterwards and they did it all with mirrors and how things looked.
Today I could eat immediately after they did the root canal and he used a microscope and when he was done he took a quick x-ray to make sure that everything was cleared out.
He just drilled into my face so skillfully.

Anyways, it was just a weird thought process that I had about my root canal.
And I’ve never done drugs.

Dentists 01292016

(The song is I’m Afraid There is a Hole in My Brain by PlayRadioPlay!. You can listen to it here if you can’t see the player.)


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