The Saturday Cake Struggle..

So, this is the first Saturday I have had in a while where there is nothing that I need to do.
My sister got married recently and I was travelling for work. That combination with my personality and I pretty much over stretched myself.

Today I have nothing to do! Not even shopping!
I am so excited about it.
I slept in til 10:30ish and I had pizza for breakfast. What is better than that?

But now I am watching the Food Network and it’s the Kids’ Baking Championship and I want some cake so badly.
There isn’t a real problem with cake, but I have been sitting here for almost an hour going back and forth on how to get this cake.

On the one hand I could go and buy some cake at the grocery store.
That’s always super easy and it will taste good.
But in the back of my head I know that any cake I bake would taste better than ones I might buy from the grocery store.

I have been baking a lot lately due to circumstances and it is the most I have baked since last year at Christmas time. (Here.)
I’m sure some of you may remember when I thought I wanted to be a cake decorator at 18 and took classes and I wasn’t the best at it.
I had to look through tons of photos to find just one cake that I baked at the time that I was learning, it turns out I could only find a silly cake I made for my boyfriend at the time.

Fish Cake 1 Fish Cake 2

Anyways, I haven’t had time to really bake since last Christmas, but I told my sister that I could make her wedding cake for her since she has Celiacs disease, so we said we would make it with rice krispies. But I forgot a lot of decorations I was going to use at my house when I drove down.
So, I just had to use some of the things I remembered and were handy. Like raspberries.

Wedding Cake 2Wedding Cake 1 Wedding Cake 3

So, then the next weekend I decided to use those decorations I forgot the next week for church.
And I broke down and learned cake bites (and that they are hard to decorate).

Cake BitesLeaf Cookies

So, I’ve been kind of on a post-Christmas baking thing and it’s all doing great.
Only got one bad review, which I guess has led me to feeling cocky, because I’m watching the Food Network thinking I need cake and I should make my own cause it would be better than the store’s.

I did end up buying it from the store and I am not that good at this, but I wanted to share the struggle that comes with my cockiness. Also, baking requires work and laying in bed requires none.
I want you to remember that.

I will have a salad for dinner, because I actually do miss salads and healthy food when I go on cake/fat days though.


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