Midnight Questions 

There are so many things I have wanted to post lately, but they all keep getting in the way of each other.

How? Because I will think of something I want to talk about on here, but not do it and then when I think of another thing I don’t post it because I still haven’t written the first post.

As I have learned in times past though, none of my fake rules apply to late night musings. 

In the middle of the night your mind goes to a place so rare and odd that your thoughts need to be recorded to preserve the…fake existentialism.

I am already feeling tonight that I am not wanting to sleep just yet, because I am not ready for the week to start.

So, I am dedicating myself that as I think of questions I have over the next while of laying in bed, I will write them down here until I am ready to sleep.

Here we go.

Did they disprove Oxyclean? Does it really work?

How does pain reliever work? Does it just drug your whole body or how does it know where it’s hurting?
How does the company that makes Top Ramen stay in business? Their product is 25 cents for the customer. 

Did they name the country Wales or the animal whales first? 

When people look at me, can they immediately tell I’m a girl or is it confusing for a second? 

Why isn’t there a California drought meter where you can see how much the rain is doing and how much you need? 

Why did they borrow water from a desert? Whose idea was that? 

Was desert or dessert named first? And why so close?

How do you know if you have big feet?

Does Top Ramen and Cup of Noodles have a huge rivalry? 

Is there a way to capitalize on diamonds raining on Jupiter? I don’t want to ruin it by selling it, but I’m just curious. 

How did they come up with pillows? 

What made them decide to put little popcorn puffs in the ceiling? 


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