I bought a Selfie Stick!

So, recently I decided to purchase myself a selfie stick and I was beyond excited about it. It just so happens that right after I did so, someone else received a selfie stick for Christmas and was not as happy as I was about it.

That person said that she does not take a lot of selfies and she is not very self-absorbed.
Okay, I go back and forth on this a lot, because yes a lot of people can be self-absorbed and taking selfies is just a manifestation of their conceit.
BUT! Selfies also can be a lot of fun. I personally love taking selfies and I have read a lot about how they can increase your self-esteem.

One of the reasons I got the selfie stick is that I think selfies are fun (I’m aware I am repeating myself). In fact, I love getting my picture taken in any facet, not just selfies.
But I live alone and no one follows me around taking my picture. So, I take selfies, but they never show my whole body, so I got the selfie stick.
I want to see myself. I want to document the clothes I wear and the funny places that I go. Without selfies there would be a whole chunk of my life where no pictures were taken of me and no one would know what I look like.
In a society that has so many cameras and for someone who enjoys having their photo taken as much as I do, that’s pretty sad.

Also, since the increase in taking selfies over the past couple of years, there have been numerous studies as to what is the purpose and the effects of people taking selfies and posting them online.
There have been studies done looking into whether it actually boosts your self-esteem, in the same way that a mirror can.
They have found that selfies can give insight into a person’s personality and also boost self-confidence, which is a pretty sharp turn from the usual thoughts that selfies are a bit narcissistic.
I have read quite a few studies about this and most recently I read this.
You may be wondering, did you really read some random person’s thesis on selfies? Yes, I did. I wanted to know.

The point is, I bought a selfie stick because I do find selfies empowering and they do boost your confidence. As I have become more and more comfortable with my body and my appearance, I am able to look at a selfie of my whole body and think “I look great!”
So, here are some selfies:

These are me when I had just received my selfie stick and I was sick. You can tell how much I cared about my looks in this pic.

This is me showing off my dirty room.

And these are me excited that it’s Monday.

See how fun that was?


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