Sunday Thoughts

So, one of the things I wanted to start doing with my blog now that I have started it up again is post more. (Obviously)
But I also wanted to post more about the things that I am passionate about and one of those is religion. Previously I worried about being politically correct with what I posted on my blog and make it as neutral of those things as possible since I started this blog when I was out of my church and wrote some pretty harsh things. Then I came back and had to take back those things.
I just didn’t want to seem like I was super wishy-washy and I wasn’t fully comfortable with expressing my religion because I knew how uncomfortable that made some people.

I have changed a lot in the past 6 months and I am not saying that I stopped caring about whether I make people uncomfortable or not, but I have decided that I am going to be more open about what I believe.
I realized that people who spent a lot of time with me did not know my beliefs and I wasn’t even hiding them. I was never deliberately trying to not have people know my religion, it’s just I didn’t talk about it.
And when religious conversations came up, I walked away, because I hate confrontation.
Then something in my head clicked a few months ago.,..that’s not me.

I am a religious person. In fact, I am a very religious person and I am one of those passionate ones.
I’m one of those people who are excited about their religion and loves to talk about religion, mine and other people’s. And I’m someone who enjoys church and reading scriptures.
I love to talk about it, because I love talking.

I heard for the first time a quote that gets passed around a lot and it goes:

If we were to be arrested for being Christians, I wonder if there would be enough evidence to convict us. 

I am someone who would want to be arrested and I would want the evidence to be damning. In fact, I would probably turn myself in. I have this horrible habit of anytime there is a purse check or metal detector I end up telling them all the things I think might be questionable in my bag. I’m very cooperative, it drives my sister crazy.

Anyways, I started my blog again because I wanted to write again and have my thoughts out there again. (A lot of agains)
I also wanted to keep a record of who I am and I am not so good with journals. I can never seem to remember to keep up with them, but I always remember my blog.
This was never meant to become popular or be anyways late night reading. I post it out there, because it’s fun to know that people can relate to me and I do enjoy people knowing what I am thinking.
But I wrote this with the intention of writing my thoughts.

So, on Sundays I will write about spiritual things. Because I am one of those die-hard Christians, but particularly I’m a member of the Church or Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormon. And we are pretty good in the die-hard section.
Anyways, just thought I would give a heads up before I really jumped into writing those things.
But I am excited beyond belief about this and you can’t see me smiling like crazy.

Here’s a cheap likeness :)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. I am so glad you wrote this! I have the exact same sentiments I find so much comfort and gravity in my religion that it’s who I am. It’s hard to talk about it these days as you’re automatically thought of in extreme forms or you’re living in cuckoo land for having ANY beliefs. One of the main reasons I set up my account was to get rid of stereotypes that my religion has and to demystify it from something that is backward and irrelevant. So go for it sister I certainly will be, God willing 😝. (Sorry for the long post, “great!” Just doesn’t cut it!)

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