“The vote has been noted.”

Okay, I’m LDS (or Mormon) and I don’t really talk about it that much on my blog, but today I really want to talk about it.
Particularly I want to talk about the LDS opposing votes from General Conference that everyone keeps talking about.

Tonight I was at FHE

FHE is an acronym for Family Home Evening. Family home evening is what the Mormons do every monday night. They get together as a family, play games, tell stories, etc. Also known as Family Night but this occurs on a weekly basis.
by NinjaSteve June 09, 2009 (Courtesy of Urban Dictionary and Ninja Steve)
and we were talking about conference and someone brought up the opposing votes. One of the people in my FHE group said (and this is not verbatim)
“Why do people have to do things like that? You don’t have to be a member of our church. If you don’t like it, don’t come.”
But I think we are totally missing the best part about someone opposing.
Now, I wasn’t able to listen to the Saturday Night session as it was happening. I don’t have some great excuse for this, I was probably at Target with the Homies.
But when I did hear about people opposing in the session, my first thought was “That’s pretty awesome!
And not just because of President Uchtdorf’s response.
The vote
I was actually pretty stoked about the opposing vote itself.
I feel like we become to complacent with the idea of
“Those in favor?”
Everyone raises their hand.
“Those opposed? The vote has been unanimous.”
It gets to the point where we forget that we are even voting for something. And that’s amazing.
So, again, when people in the church want to talk about and ask the following question:
“Why do people have to do things like that? You don’t have to be a member of our church. If you don’t like it, don’t come.”
Why do they still come? Because the Lord’s plan for agency is alive and well!
It still exists! We still get to choose!
And you know what, people got to choose in the pre-mortal life when a third of the host of Heaven said they didn’t like that plan.
God could have easily said “Sucks, go to Earth.”
But he didn’t, he let them go off and do whatever they wanted to do.
Yet how badly do we wish they hadn’t now?
You want to know what is ever more amazing?
People can still not choose it after they die. Don’t you feel like maybe that’s a little crazy and yet amazing?
“Do you accept that these things are true?”
“No, thanks.”
“Are you kidding? Look where we are right now. He’s standing right there.”
“Mmm, better not.”
And God respects that.
He has said to each and every single person, if that’s how you feel, you don’t have to follow me.
And that’s awesome.
Recently I posted something on my Instagram about conference and someone else commented saying that the church is cult.
It bothered me at first, but then there was the opposing vote.
And you know what, we are the only cult I know of that lets you take a vote and acknowledges your vote.
In fact, we are the only religion I know of that lets you take a vote.
How amazing would it be if the Vatican came out and said to those thousands of people watching:
Hey Guys, we are about to release the white smoke, but first, how are you feeling about this new pope?
And how much better is it when someone actually asks you what you think?
We are still going to have President Monson as the prophet, but we did ask. And when we ask, we want an honest answer.
I think the major flaw in how we are viewing this is first of all, we assume that these 5 people dislike our entire church. Maybe they don’t.
Maybe they just don’t approve of the prophet or maybe it’s just one thing that one of the authorities said that’s just been eating at them.
But shouldn’t our answer be “We’re so glad you came anyways.”
We are so freaking glad that you came despite what is bugging you about our church. We’re so happy to have you here.
Because how badly do we wish they were there when they aren’t?
Into the boat
There are things that I’m sure each of us don’t agree with in the church.
I sure as hell don’t agree with every little thing, but I want to be there anyways and take part anyways.
And I want to use my agency to say the word hell anytime  I want.
I guess what I am saying is that if agency, voting and opposing views are a part of this life and not only a part, but welcomed by the Lord.
We should welcome it too.
The Lords Plan
The next time there is an opposing vote, even if it’s just in my regular church meetings, my reaction will still be Thank you so much for coming.
Thank you so much for understanding the plan of Salvation and that you have agency.
Thank you for remembering that we do care about your opinion.
And Oh My Heck! Thank you so much Heavenly Father for caring about each of our opinions individually to let us vote.
BANGARANG HEAVENLY FATHER! Or in other words, Hallelujah to the Most High God!

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