St. Patrick’s Day…Stuff.

So, this morning I woke up an I got dressed like any other day, but then I looked at my phone and noticed that Google had it’s St. Patrick’s Day little logo going on.
I sat there wondering if I should go and buy a green shirt for the Holiday, but then I decided that I really didn’t want to.

I feel like St. Patrick’s day has turned into another holiday that was created for a purpose, but not a ton of people know what the purpose of St. Patrick’s day is.
Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t like that since people know why they were originally created, but a lot of it is more traditions rather than why the Holiday was originally celebrated.
St Patrick’s Day just seems to be a little bit about drinking, wearing green OR this year I heard a lot about Scottish and Catholic people wearing orange to protest it.

You know, it was originally made to celebrate a priest.
I am actually partially Irish though, so I should probably know about this and have slightly more pride in it…
But the biggest thing I don’t like about it is that I woke up this morning and realized what day it was, then I decided I didn’t need to wear green.
Because we are adults and I shouldn’t have to worry about unwanted touching, like pinching.
…Not so.

Apparently pinching and touching other people is still valid when you are an adult. In fact, people almost find it more funny.
I don’t get this.
I also don’t like random people touching me. Like I really don’t like that.
Call me strange.

Anyways, I did end up going to Wal-Mart and buying a $4 green t-shirt for this occasion.
I figured I would share, because anyone who follows my blog would know I love posting the things I am wearing.
I just need to get a better camera than my phone with a timer and a camera stand. Then I would go stand in the middle of the woods in a very Indie way and take pictures of myself.

GreenShirt GreenShoes

You guy’s know I love those tropical shoes.
Also, this was on my work’s announcement system for St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know what it means and neither did Google, but I’m love with it.

GreenBearHappy Day.


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