Days like this.

I’m having a bit of a weird day.
Lately I have been going through certain things in my life and slowly trying to fix them one by one.
Some of those things include how I text people in such a demanding way or the basically the way I think about life in general.
How I feel about the fact that I am in debt and what I am going to do about it.
Pretty much just an audit of my life and my behavior, because I haven’t been really happy and I really want to be happy.

Well, doing this has led to quite a few days like today where I just feel a little bit overwhelmed and nervous.
Here I am working towards these goals and I can’t really tell if I am making progress and some days it feels like I am going backwards.
So, then I have to take measures to calm myself down, to get myself back to that place of calm I have been in lately.
Some of these things are praying and reading my scriptures, others are just listening to calming music.
But it still happens where my soul will fill with anxiety and I will start to remember all the things I have been trying to fix.

There is no solution and I am not sure how I was planning to end this post, but sometimes I feel it is just important for people to realize that other people get days like this too.
Sometimes we look around and feel like everyone has it together and a lot of times they don’t.
I get anxious and scared about the present and the future all the time.

You can’t see me smile at you, so I had to take a selfie.



Also, here is  a song for encouragement.


(You can listen to the song here. Turn Around by The Postal Service)



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