Hey Gurl!

So, this Valentine’s Day I really wanted to give someone this Valentine:


But I don’t even have a prospect for a Valentine this year.
So, I will just be your e-boyfriend real quick.
My first act as your e-boyfriend was trying to find you the Valentine’s Day episode of SpongeBob, but the only way I could find it was illegal. And I just care about you too much to go down that path.
But here is a picture from the episode that will provide you no comedic relief, but I still care.

Here is also the song I would like you to listen to all day while thinking of me, girl.

(Listen to it here. “This is the One” by The Stone Roses)

I would have gone for a full mix, but I still want to seem not fully devoted since our relationship is still young.

And lastly, since we are so far away girl, I am just going to spam you all night on SnapChat letting you know how much I miss you and want you here and pretty much just making it harder that we have decided to go long distance.

Thinking of you



(There is a video, you can view it here.)

I just dig you so much girl.



In reality this is what I posted for everyone else today.

Valentines Reality

I also laid in bed eating Mint Oreos and watching UFO documentaries in the sexiest way possible while wearing a Jurassic Park shirt and leggings.

But next year I promise:

NickOfferman Kissed

By the way, today marks the 4th year that I have had a blog.
I did start my blog on Valentine’s Day and now 4 years and over 500 posts later, I still have my blog.
So, that’s something.

Happy Valentine’s Day, boo.



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