So, this is the New Year.

Well, it’s a new year. I always don’t know how to feel about a new year coming along.
On the one hand, now that I am an adult it doesn’t really matter than much. Before it was always tracking how long you had left in school or when the next break is.
But as an adult, a new year doesn’t really take any affect on your life. You have to file your taxes, but in reality that is not much of a difference.
You still go to work the day after New Year’s Day and life just continues on.
We do make resolutions and try to become better people than what we were before, but that doesn’t really mean much either since these are probably things we should be working on anyways.
Or things we have thought about working on but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Not that this is a bad thing, but it doesn’t really make a true marker for a new year. Not like it used to.

I have met a couple of people recently who act as if the New Year is a clean slate completely.
Which, on the one hand I can agree with. That is a good idea to have when it comes to New Years.
However, it can’t be a fully clean slate like a lot of them seem to act like it is.
Well, my debt is still here.

Anyways, as I was trying to think of the New Year, which I did make some resolutions.
(Totally trying to give up soda this year. Been 5 days now.)
But the more I thought about the New Year, the more I could not stop thinking about this exact conversation I am having with my blog right now that I had with my sister last year.
But more importantly I was thinking about how at the end of the conversation one of us said to the other:

What do you think the odds are the one of us will be engaged this year?

Now, I don’t remember the answer to that question, but I do remember that one of us had said the same thing at the beginning of 2013 as well.

Recently I have been talking to a coworker of mine, who is a male, and he has been telling me that he never thought he would reach 27 without having a woman in his life.
He said other things, but I don’t want to fully go into what he said because of personal, confiding crap.

But with that on the brain, I definitely remembered my sister and I discussing this for the past 2 years and having the urge to almost bring it up to her again.
What is that?
Well, the more I thought about my coworker, the more I realized that maybe I don’t put enough stock in the human need to find someone valuable in your life outside of your immediate family and friends. Someone to witness your life.
And I think that as the years go by and being single it becomes more important to find that sort of witness to your life.

Anyways, I am not sure where I was going with that other than I repeat myself annually apparently and that I am trying to quit soda which is harder than I expected.
I just really started worrying about the sodium intake.
However, I will not be quitting energy drinks, because I can’t quit everything.

Come on now.

(There is a song inserted above that you can listen to here. Next Year by Two Door Cinema Club)


4 thoughts on “So, this is the New Year.

  1. I run in a lot of races. At the very beginning of a race there is a lot of energy- and excitement. About half way through people are feeling the pain and slowing down- at the end of the race….some are crawling to the finish line. You are right that a new year is not literally a clean slate- however for people who like me who love New Years (I just cant help it lol) it gives us a little more excitement to run faster. It wont last- but a life time of sprints (even short lived) helps in the progression of your goals- than if you never sprinted at all. Love your blog<3

    1. I was not saying that I necessarily wanted to be engaged, however, I did grow up in a religious culture that marriage is what women do.
      It’s a big part of the goal and when you grow up with that being drilled into you, you definitely think about it a lot.

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