You’re attractive, because I’m an adult.

So, it’s the night before I go home for the first time after moving.
And what am I doing?
Cooking pizza and blogging.
I also had my first class tonight, which I loved since I finally had an outlet where I could sit and say things without having to filter myself as much like I have to do at work.
(Today I was told I can’t say the word “whore”. And I wasn’t even talking about a co-worker or someone in particular. What?)
But anyways, class is kind of like a blog where I can just talk and get things out, except in class they give me a topic and people give me feedback.
Which I slightly wish my blog was like that.

Anyways, another thing I have been noticing lately and tonight was where my attraction lies.
The other night I went to the movies and as I was watching the movie I found one of the actors to be attractive.
The significant part is that this actor was in his early 40s. Not one of their early 20s where it’s obvious you are going to think they are attractive. That’s why they were casted.
But this guy was one of the main characters that was in his 40s. Then there was another guy in his 40s in the movie that I found attractive.
Oh Wow, but they are actors, so you know, whatever?

Well, then I went to class tonight and I am always the youngest person in those classes.
They are classes designed around people who work full-time and who already have children. I don’t have children, but I do work 50 hours a week. Not a lot of twenty-something year olds do that.
So, I’m usually the youngest.

I walked in and there were some pretty attractive 40 something year olds too.
What is going on?
They were both married and I…don’t exactly know how to flirt with men?
The point is what I find attractive has actually changed. I no longer easily find an early twenties guy attractive.
In fact, when I look at some of the guys my age, I just really see a bunch of kids.
What is that?
Also, what does this mean?

I will tell you what it means: nothing.
Regardless of whether I am attracted to older established men or mineral rocks.
I haven’t had a boyfriend in over 2 years and I am not seeing a boyfriend in the future, nor am I planning on one. In fact, I actually plan as if I won’t have one.
It’s been a long time.

But you know what I do have?


Yeah, that’s DiGiorno.
And it’s stuffed crust. And I will probably eat it all, because I have not eaten in 11 hours.
Also, this is a timeless love.

(Later Edit: I couldn’t finish it.)


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