Christmas Cookies.

Okay, my family is not one of those where your mother does a bunch of baking when it comes Christmas time.
We all work and it makes it hard for anyone to want to take a couple of hours to make Christmas cookies that will be eaten in a few days.
We all really like cookies, but they are just eaten too quickly for it to be worth it.
But I also don’t really bake anymore. I used to bake a lot when I was in high school, but not really anymore.  My mother has a joke that I haven’t baked since I got skinnier.

Well, I don’t live with my family and a lot of times I would bake in high school because I had nothing else going on in my life.
So, my family won’t eat the cookies too fast and I am back to not having that much going on in my life since I haven’t fully adjusted to living in Provo. (Friends and such)
Both my work party and my church’s party was this week and I have been in a baking mood, so I figured I would try breaking out a few different recipes.
Which turned into 6 different batches and two nights of baking til 1 am.

Anyways, first since I was in charge of the white elephant gifts at my church’s party.
Which meant I would need to bring about 12 extra gifts for people who forgot to bring one. So, I thought why not bring some cookies as a gift?
I made some Cake Batter Christmas cookies in Christmas tins for the gifts:

Cake Batter Cookies


Those are pretty easy to make. It only takes about 30 minutes, including cooking time.
Well, I used pretty much the same recipe with a few twists to make some spice cookies for my work.

Christmas Spice Cookies 2Christmas Spice Cookies


I absolutely love baking with Nutmeg and All Spice.
They taste so amazing. Especially in Snickerdoodles.
But these were just plain spice cookies.

And lastly, I decided to make a traditional blossom cookie that I have never made before.
It literally took til  2 am just making the dough for two batches. Then the next night I made the actual cookies which took til 12 am.
First I had to shell 60 kisses.


I used both white chocolate peppermint kisses and also chocolate ones since I was making them for other people at the party who can eat chocolate.
Then I had to roll each of the cookies into balls and then roll them in sugar, which two batches is a lot.

Rolling Dough

And then actually bake them, which took 11 minutes per dozen in the oven and then putting the kisses in the actually cookies on by one.

Christmas Blossom Cookies

They all turned out to be amazing, but again it took a lot of time.

Anyways, I was sitting here wondering if I was going to start baking Christmas cookies.
I have heard many times that some mothers/women go through at Christmas time and just make goodies consistently. I didn’t ever think that I could possibly one of those types of people who feels the need to make Christmas goodies.
But I am pretty sure I might actually be one of those people.
And I’m excited about it.

I made a gif just so you can see how happy I am about it instead of just saying you can’t see my excitement: Smile



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