Be on my team ONLY.

Okay, I am not above talking about my flaws.
Especially on my blog where it’s my open platform to the world.
However, if you walk up to me and say “Hey Corz, what’s your flaws?”
I’m going to be unhappy. Also, when my boss asked me what I thought my flaws are. That is why I will not drive him to pick up his car anymore.
Because my car is a safe place and asking me about my flaws is a violation of the safe place. I would probably still give him a ride. I’m too nice.

Anyways, one of my huge flaws that I have had ever since high school, is that when someone I do not like comes around and it turns out that someone I do like is friends with them…
Oh Nelly.
I am an unhappy biscuit.
I feel so betrayed and jealous.
Now, my logical mind that is separate from my reality tells me that this is unfair and most of my reasons for disliking someone are completely emotional and may not translate to third parties that are not in my head.
Is it fair to feel betrayed when these things happen?
No, it is not.

However, I am 100% human and as a human my perception and emotions are reality.
So, seeing someone who I very much enjoy getting along with someone I do not bothers me to no end.
There are only two types of people in this world (What About Bob reference intended): Those who are on my team and those who are not.
If you are on my team, you probably shouldn’t associating with the other team.
That’s just basic team rules.
Come on now people.

Again, this is a flaw of mine and I am completely in the wrong.
However, it does remind me of this scene from Fantastic Mr. Fox:

(There is a video that you can view here. And I know it’s poor quality, but it’s the only video of that scene.)

I totally empathize with Ash in that movie, which I know I probably shouldn’t since he is pretty immature.

Anyways, that is the issue I am facing today.


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