Okay, I’m 22 years old.
I am almost 23, but I start off this post by mentioning this simply to state: I’m not old.
I’m not super old, but I am also what is considered an “old soul” in that I have always been mature even since I was younger.
But that aside, the beginning of this post is me stating that I am not in fact old.

So, when I moved to Provo I decided that I was going to move in with roommates, because I didn’t know anyone here in Provo and I thought it would be a good way for me to adjust to Utah life. Then when things got weird and I wanted to move, I realized that paying such a small amount in rent could mean that I could get my own house in a year and a half to a year.
I’m all about that.
In fact, it’s my major goal now.

Anyways, I am living with these three other girls and two of them are 20 and the other one is 18. Now, it seems like they are just a few years younger than me, but in reality it’s like I am 10 years older than them simply because of maturity.
One of them has actually started calling me “Mom”, because so much of the advice I give and the things I say as they are making decisions is sounds like a mother who is trying to do what’s best for the children.
Not sure how I feel about that, but it’s just how things come out.

There are always moments though with them where I just realize how old I am.
Recently we were all sitting in our living room talking late at night and all of a sudden the 18-year-old roommate starts screaming.
She was facing a window and she said that she saw a face with a mask on in the window. My first reaction was I walked over and closed the blinds.
But she would not stop crying.
So, I went outside and found that the girls in the apartment next to ours (also very young) decided to do their make up like American Horror Story and stick their face in our window.
American Horror Story
So, part one of being an adult, giving lectures to young girls about what if someone saw them walking around and attacked them since they were dressed so scary late at night.
Also, that those sorts of pranks are not funny, but mean and how badly they scared my roommate.

Then I return to my apartment and find all of my roommates plotting revenge against these girls for being so cruel. They were coming up with things they could do in order to “get them back”.
Their best idea would be where they would purchase a bunch of frozen spiders from a pet shop, usually used to feed to snakes and then re-freeze them to where the spiders are stunned, thaw them and then put them in a box on these girls front doorstep.
Huge dick move.

Second part of being an adult:

“Okay guys, we can do that, but then they really won’t think about how wrong what they did is.
Also, that would put us on their level.”

The looks they all gave me.
As the words were coming out of my mouth, I did feel super old.
I mean, only old people want someone to think about what they have done wrong when getting them back.

There are just a lot of moments lately where I have been realizing how old I have become.
It’s like when my roommates tell me that I am rich.
I am not rich, I am just old. Older people have better jobs. Simple as that.

The point is, it’s not funny to dress up like a scary person and walk around at night.
That’s just irresponsible.


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