Color Coded Business Casual

So, today we had corporate come into our new Provo office as a lot of our new interns were starting today.
Now, it was not required that we wear business casual,  but pretty much everyone ended up dressing up, because it was almost implied since the Vice President and HR was coming down.
I personally can dig wearing business casual, because business means pencil skirts which I like to get a little retro/pin-up sometimes and pencil skirts are a good way to do it.
But the casual part means that I get to be myself.

So this is what I ended up wearing to work today:






Okay, I always try to wear tights or nylons with my skirts. It’s like foundation for your legs.t
Well, anytime I wear colored leggings I always think of my sister saying “Yeah, but my legs aren’t really green and everyone can tell.”
But who can resist doing an all green business casual outfit with a red pop?
Like really.
Plus, after you have not had to wear business casual everyday, you stop getting shoes that are consistently comfortable and just look good, somehow in my head wearing an oversized button up helps with that.
Headband by Monroe and Harlow, skirt by Forever 21, Shirt via Thrift Store, Shoes via Thrift Store, Tights via Target.
Just felt like I needed to specify.

Anyways, that’s what I wore today and I was pretty proud of myself.


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