Thrift Store Army Shirt.

Okay, this is obviously not a fashion blog, but occasionally I do like to post things I wear on here.
Ever since I was a teenager I used to pride myself on taking a piece of clothing that is off-the-wall/weird/ugly and making it work for me. There’s a secret sense of accomplishment and excitement when you can take something that maybe shouldn’t have happened and turn around to people complimenting you in it.
Basically I feel like the things I wear are a prank on everyone that looks at me.

Well, lately I have been doing a little thrift shopping and I just want to share some of the things I find.
Like this full on army shirt:



Heck yes.
At this point I can honestly say I wish I enlisted, because I dig that shirt so much now.
Also, the best part about camouflage is that when you put it on, you become invisible.
Fun fact.


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