Stress Acne.

Okay, if my life was a book (which it kind of is) the last month of my life would be written under a chapter called “Stress Acne”.
I moved to Utah last weekend and the weeks leading up to this change were just as stressful as making the change and the week that followed making this change.
I didn’t really blog about it, even though a few people asked me to, simply because I was too stressed out to even be able formulate words describing how stressed out I was.
There has been a lot of crying this last week. And a flat tire, my car being towed, horrible meetings, fights with roommates and lots of nightmares that I wake up thinking they are true.
That’s a lot of things that I didn’t want to blog about, because then this really would become a crying fest.

I was talking with someone recently who told me that we truly underestimate how traumatic it is to uproot everything we know and start over.
I feel like there is a major amount of truth to that. As I have been moving, even the smallest person in my life from California can make me cry.
I mean, I’m not best friends with this person, but suddenly I love them because they represent everything about my old life that I am missing.
The simplest things in life suddenly become super difficult.
For example, Utah doesn’t have Bank of America. There is one ATM 45 miles away from my house that I have to drive to if I want to access my account with Bank of America.
That was really upsetting when I found that out.

I don’t really know what else to say about the move, because I’m just trying my best at this point and I have honestly reached a point where if something bad happens, I just start laughing.
I mean, when you hit a point where you get a flat tire the week after you’ve moved, you have reached your max on getting upset.
You reach a point of ‘Oh Well’
You get lost again. It’s freezing cold always. You have no socks.
Oh freaking well.
It will all work out.

(There is a song there, you can listen to it here.)



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