Will I be pretty?

This week I read this article (don’t ask me the link, because I don’t know where it is. Saw it on Facebook) and the title of the article was “The End of Pretty”.
I want to be pretty, so naturally I clicked on it.
Because I am not dying soon, so if pretty is ending, I will have to strive to look fine?
Come on now.

This article was actually one that made me think a lot. The writer was a man, which is nice as often times articles about beauty are written by women, and he was just talking about how girls no longer strive to be pretty. They strive to be hot and sexy.
He explained that being pretty is more about beauty and innocence and it inspires in a man to want to take care of a woman. Protect her.
Whereas being hot and sexy is something that is consumable and has more to do with physical attraction.
He brought up the example of Grease and how pretty/beautiful Sandy was in the beginning of the movie and how she gave that away to become hot so everyone would like her.
He talked about how forward women are now and how they wear less clothing even younger. How they strive to be sexy consistently and appeal to men sexually now, even in movies.
And how men look for this more in women now too.

Oh. My. Goodness.
I realized he was right.
There is not much innocence in the world anymore and women do strive to be sexy all the time.
I have often had a few moments where I felt down on myself for not being a sexy person. I’m not really sure how to be sexy.
I could always lick my lips?
Ehhhhh. I would rather be pretty.

The way that this man talked about how men feel about pretty women was so delicate and sweet.
That when a girl is pretty, they need to take care of them and protect them.
I just think of a man wanting to hold that pretty, innocent girl.
And I want to be that girl and have that sort of sweet, loving action done to me.
It made me think of this song:

(You can listen to it here if you are reading this in an email.)

Just romantic and beautiful.

Well, the other day I was talking to this man who didn’t know me very well and he came out and said “You’re just a good church girl.”
At first I was a little taken aback.
Clearly this guy doesn’t know me very well to so easily compartmentalized me like that.
Now, I go to church and it is the center of my life. I read my scriptures every night, attend the temple twice a week and I am a female, so technically the stereotype does apply to me. I see where you are coming from, man.
However, the way he said it was more in a derogatory sense than the times I have brought up that I am good church girl.
Like that made me naive and….lame.


Obviously this guy is not the one for me.
I don’t say that I do the spiritual things I do to be pretty, but at the same time it does lend to this new definition of pretty that I have received.
Being a righteous daughter of God does bring that sort of good feeling the writer of the article described.
And I can see where it’s not appreciated any longer by someone like the man I was talking to.
But I think that being pretty would be very romantic and I want someone to recognize those parts of me more than to want to have sex with me.

I may be butchering what I am trying to say, but mostly when I think of myself as being pretty now, I think of my testimony and how I feel when I share it.
I think about attending the temple with my future companion and reading the scriptures together.
I think of how smart I am and how I would try to be sweet to a man.
I think of telling him how handsome he is and whispering sweet nothings to him.
I want to be that kind of pretty. Innocent romance pretty.

That kind of pretty


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