Why I love Funky Shoes.

So, the other day I came into work and my coworker told me “Why are you always wearing such funky shoes? You just find the craziest shoes.”
I really do and it’s my freaking favorite.

Let me explain why, take what I am wearing today:

(Couldn't Decide which pic)
(Couldn’t Decide which pic)

Kind of boring. Just a blue shirt, green skirt and blue tights.
Not trying to hard.
BUT WAIT! Check out those shoes…

Paradise TOMS

I am not boring. Paradise Toms baby.
Suddenly my simple outfit has been given a new flair to it and I don’t look like a boring dork.

Let me show you again.
Floral Outfit August 8 2014

This is what I wore yesterday.
Just a black pencil skirt, even more simple than a green one. Pink on pink  floral pattern.
But then, whaaat?

(Obviously not taken the same day.)
(Obviously not taken the same day.)

You can add some spunk to a normal, business casual outfit to remind the Man that you have a personality that will not be squandered.

That’s why I wear funky shoes.
Because suddenly even my most boring outfits at work can be turned into an adventure.

You can’t see me wink.


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