Living Statues.

Do you ever have times where you have troubles and you can’t get them out of your head so you can sleep?
I’m lying in bed trying to not think about my troubles and leave them to face tomorrow.
Trying to push them from my mind and my thoughts turned to statues and the different Greek statues.
I’ve been thinking about how each of those was sculpted after an actual person.
Then I tried closing my eyes and picturing these people. Tried to see what they saw. Look through their eyes.
But I couldn’t, because in the end I don’t truly long to be someone else and I don’t know how to see not as myself. I can see perspectives, but in the end I only want to see as me.
Which I should take comfort in that, except when I am trying to avoid myself.

Anyways, just some thoughts while a troubled mind tries to sleep.


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