If I shed, don’t curse me.

So, the other day I was talking to one of my co-workers here and somehow the subject of witchcraft was brought up.
Don’t ask how we got there conversation-wise while at work, it’s difficult to know where my mind goes and why.
Or why I take people to certain places in conversations.

Somehow this subject was brought up and she mentioned that she had an Africa sister-in-law who had always taught her that when you brush your hair or get it cut, you take all your extra hair and either flush it down the toilet or burn it so no one will make a voodoo doll of you with your hair.
And so every time she brushes her hair, she takes the excess and flushes it down the toilet.

So, maybe this is why you don’t talk to co-workers about things like this, because what the hell?
I don’t even know how that would work.
I have so much hair that it literally gets everywhere.
It’s all over my car, all over my bed, all over my desk even.
How does it get all over my desk?
I wasn’t rubbing my head on my work desk. I just literally have so much hair that it just gets everywhere.
Literally every person in the world who has ever met me could have a piece of my hair.

Also, follow-up question, who would be making a voodoo doll of her?
What kind of people are you associating with to where you would need to consistently be worried about someone taking your shedded hair to burn.
And the idea of burning your own hair to protect yourself just sounds creepy in itself. Forget protecting against voodoo, where you would think things would get creepy, just preventing the voodoo sounds creepy enough for the whole process.
Just thinking about it creeps me out actually.

Have these people ever smelt burnt hair?
Like really?
Is it a cultural thing in Africa for everyone to make sure they burn their excess hair after it comes out of their head? You know, just in case.
Is that what they do over there?
Over in America we  lock the doors at night to make sure nothing evil happens. We install a security system, living in gated communities.
But should we also be burning our hair just in case?
Who’s to say…

What the hell everyone?
That was the whole point of this post was just to say “What the hell” at that conversation I had with my coworker.

That’s all.


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