At the Optometrist.

So, yesterday I had to go to the optometrist.
Yearly checkup. Nothing too serious.
I hate that you have to get your eyes checked every year, because glasses are not cheap and no matter how many times you tell them to keep your eye prescription the same, they change it anyways.
This is going to make your vision so much better!
I like my vision crappy, thanks.

Anyways, I have had eyeglasses since I was 14.
So, I know the drill with the “Do you see better with one or two” and the puff of air they blow in your eye.
Not to be obnoxious, but I have done it before. Nothing is going to shock me.
Well, for some reason when I went to this doctor, he wouldn’t allow my sister to sit in the appointment with me. I mean, she had an appointment right afterwards, so I didn’t understand why we couldn’t go back together.
Later I found out it was because he wanted to explain EVERYTHING!
And I am not just talking about him explaining what he was going to do to make sure I was sitting in the right spot or answering accordingly.
No, he told me what each of the machines did, what my readings were, what the diseases I could have possibly had were to explain that I didn’t have them.
I could be an eye doctor now, except I didn’t pay attention. Literally after he checked one thing, he would just start talking a ton about eye crap.
So, I just turned him off after he performed each test.

That’s fine.
He has a lot of knowledge and a lot of follow-up education after his MD.
I know that I have a lot of knowledge about the software company that I work for and when I am troubleshooting for a customer, I will end up in information overload zone.
No big deal.

Except then I went out to the lab assistant, who was this 40-year-old woman, who told me that when my mother (who referred me to this doctor) made her appointment, she said that my sister and I were like oil and water.
I found that weird since we pretty much do everything together.
Well, then this lab assistant says “Well, my sister and I are like oil and water. Mostly because she is evil.”
….Okay. Insert polite chuckle.
That polite chuckle must have triggered something, because then she went ahead with telling me about how her sister used to tie her up in the basement and then leave her for hours.
Or have her go up in the Attic and then take away the ladder. Lock her in an old trailer in the woods.
Or how her older sister’s daughter now considers this lady her mother since her real mother is evil.

I don’t…
Why does the optometrist’s statue not have eyes?

Optometrist's statue


Just weird.


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