It’s Daytime.

A follow-up to my children’s poem/bedtime story would be that it is now daytime and I am exhausted.
Everything is the worst this morning and no joke I woke up this morning and my first action was deciding I would rather sleep 30 more minutes than take a shower.
So, all those body aches that showers get rid of are still around.
Then my next action was looking in the mirror and seeing I looked like a skeleton.
Bags under my eyes and I have pale skin normally, but this morning it  was too much.
Good thing they made make-up.

The follow-up to what I wrote last night and the sequel to my bedtime story will be named “If you don’t go to sleep, you will wish you were dead.”
It will be a beautiful poem about the pros to sleeping and the cons to insomnia. Children just don’t understand why you need sleep and I feel we should illustrate how I looked this morning so they begin to understand.



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