“It’s Nighttime…”

Okay, it’s nighttime and I cannot sleep. I took a sleeping pill and nothing. Also, I have a horrible taste in my mouth and I did in fact brush my teeth.
What the heck?

Anyways, tonight I was thinking about some of the children’s books we used to read before bed that was about bed. Like Goodnight Moon.
There was really no plot or storyline to it. It was almost like someone just put a bunch of thoughts/observations together to soothe you.
The I thought “I could do that.”
So, here is my late night children’s book. Words only, because let’s face it, I’m lying in bed and in the morning when I could illustrate it, this would all seem stupid.

Entitled: It’s Nighttime

It’s Nighttime. The world is asleep…

The sky has gone dark, yet insomnia creeps…

Papa Bear counts to ten. Goldie Locks sings…

Do bugs sleep? This is the time to wonder such things.

Worry on things that may never be. Think of the things you may be lacking.

Yet all the while, such dreams you have and places you could travel to while in your bed.

If only bugs slept, you wouldn’t ponder them so. If only the smallest of lights didn’t glow.

It’s Nighttime child, so why are you awake? If only such monsters your imagination would not make.

Or perhaps such important thoughts you could think in the day. If only such thoughts would til morning stay.

Are you not tired? Do you not want to sleep?

What keeps you awake? Are they the same thoughts as me? Are we similar now as we fall asleep?

Our thoughts may connect, our visions align, but only in the secret of the nighttime.

In a couple of hours or minutes or so, you’ll drift away softly and leave the world alone.

If only such thought would til morning stay, but until then it’s nighttime when we are this way.”

I don’t know. It’s late.


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