“I never knew about one of the most important things to you!”

Yesterday I was talking with one of my good co-worker friends and somehow religion was brought up. I then told her that I am LDS and she was just floored.
She went ahead and exclaimed “You never told me that!” I, of course, fought this statement saying that I had to have told her.
She then said she would have remembered something like that and she was completely unaware.
Fair enough.

Two places I don’t really talk about my religion that much would be at work or on my blog. At work it is just out-of-place. I don’t feel it is necessary to talk about religion at work.
Also, when I first started at this company, I was not back in my church. I was in a rebellious stage where I was trying to figure out who I was and how I wanted to live my life.
It’s funny how you go through this whole huge experience of trying to “find yourself” and you end up back in the place you started realizing what you had is what you wanted.
I almost wonder if it was just a matter of me having to choose it myself.
Since I was raised in the church, I wonder if I had to go out and try different things and experiment with what I believed in to find that I actually truly did believe in the things I had been taught my whole life.
And that’s okay.
Almost preferred, because now I know exactly who I am and the things I struggled with accepting or doing in my church are not a problem now.
And they a choice.
I don’t believe what I do or act the way I do because that’s the way I’ve always done it and so why mess with what’s good?
No, I have lived outside of my standards and how I was raised and decided it’s not for me. At any moment I could live that way again, but now I know what I want.

The other place I don’t talk about religion that much is actually here on my blog.
Which, in retrospect, is very surprising since I use my blog as a journal of sorts and yet I have not really been fully open about my religion on my blog.
I was very open when I wasn’t religious about how not religious I was.
But not so much about how religious I am now.
I am not sure if this is just worrying about offending someone or what. But the older I get and the more I discover what I want in life, the more I am caring less about offending someone.

In fact, the lines are blurring in these areas. I am becoming one of those people who cannot do anything without talking about my religion.
I don’t even think I mention it that much and yet someone will ask me “Your religion is really important to you, huh?”
It is and I love that you noticed.

Anyways, I am mentioning this because I don’t want to hide it on my blog anymore. I want to talk about it a lot.
Because I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I love it.
I will try to stay professional at work, but this is my blog and this is where my thoughts come out.




One thought on ““I never knew about one of the most important things to you!”

  1. An effective way to talk about my faith in social settings is by relating the subject at hand to something I experienced in my LDS activities. That leads them to ask questions and I let them drive the conversation from there should it occur.

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