My 4th of July Outfit.

Okay, I love dressing up.
I have mentioned this before, but if there is some sort of occasion that I am going to, I am going to want a new dress or a new shirt or something to wear.
My whole closet just has a bunch of t-shirts that I got for one occasion one time and then that was it.
Case and point, my friend invited to me a band show that he was performing in, I made him customized band shirts.
Now I have three band shirts for his band that I will never do anything with.

Anyways, yesterday was the 4th of July and holidays are most important to dress up for.
So, here is what I wore.:




I got myself a white shirt with blue stars on it and then I got my sister a white shirt with Red Stripes, so when we stood next to each other we were the American Flag.
Then I got the Vans Trucker Hat and a Vans pair of American Flag shoes.
I’m more of a Converse person, but these were okay.

Now, I did have to work yesterday and my friend that I was working for actually made me a 4th of July garland to wear.
So I did end up forsaking the hat for the garland.

Anyways, that is what I wore yesterday.

I also made that video in the late afternoon. (You can view it here if you’re seeing this in an email.)
My 4th of July just consisted of working and I am at work again today.
But the point of 4th of July is not to barbecue and have a day off, but to celebrate your freedom, which I do all the time.
And I definitely said many grateful prayers yesterday for this country.

So, smile.


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