Okay, do you have a moment at work where you have been sitting at your desk for hours and hours then just need a few moments to do a weird jump or dance for a moment.
Or you just get up for a few seconds and walk around.
The jumping and the dancing is just what I do.
It definitely annoys the girl who’s cubicle is next to mine.
But it is effective.

There is a restlessness that comes with sitting in one place for a very long time.
Well, this happens to me everyday, but on a grander scale it happens to me all the time in real life.
I don’t get that jumpy legs in real life, but I more get super depressed about all the situations I am in and I begin to think that my life is a joke.
No big deal.
Well, I have been going through this again. It happens about every 6 months or so.
Give or take.

I just start to take stock of all aspects of my life, like my job, my friends, my family, the places I go, the places I am going.
And I try to decide if it’s working for me or if it is not.
Usually it’s not.
That’s when the restlessness comes into play and instead of just getting jumpy legs like I would in my cubicle during the middle of the day.
I get really down on myself and suddenly my world looks really grey and I have to do things to give my life color again until I can figure out what is missing and causing this grayness.
Like making posts of me singing and buying people I barely know gifts.

Well, I think I found what is causing the grayness lately and I am working on a plan to color my life again.
I can’t really share it yet, because there are so many things to figure out and it is a long way off.
But just thinking that I have a plan in my life makes everything just a little bit better.
Just thought I would share.

(There is a song loaded in here if you are seeing this in an email. You can listen to it here if you don’t want to go to the actual post.)


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