Life Lessons from My Mother.

Talking about goldfish lat night reminded me of when I was living in North Las Vegas (I was about 6 – 9 years old) and my older sister and I would walk to Wal-mart sometimes when we had allowance.
The reason goldfish reminded me of this is that my sister loves animals and would always want to buy fish when we went to Wal-mart.
I would get some too and I would be so excited about it, but later realize it was just a fish.
But this was always a big deal whether we would walk to Wal-mart or not, because this was Las Vegas, it’s a desert and it was 100+ degrees in the summer.
Sometimes the fish would die by the time we got home.
Boiling water is fun.
Fish apparently don’t like jacuzzi’s.

Now, Vegas is smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert. I think people forget it’s a desert because it’s civilized, but there are actually lots of large desert patches between neighborhoods and buildings.
And every time we would have to walk around these desert areas to get to Wal-Mart, which would take a lot more time and was less fun, because being a young girl with an active imagination, I thought walking through the desert was an adventure.
However, we were not allowed.
My mother told us:

Girls who play around in the desert get raped and killed and then no one can ever find their bodies.

Later on she went ahead and elaborated saying that homeless people live in the desert and they just wait for people to wander out in the desert to take advantage of them.
Now that I am older though and if I think about it logically, there are a lot of other places that would be more effective for waiting to rape someone.
I feel like you are taking a gamble by waiting in such a remote area.
They should wait in like a public bathroom where there is more foot traffic.

My mother also let us know that this is what would happen to girls who go to parks at night as well. They get raped.
But I personally have been to parks late at night quite a few times and I have yet to be raped by a psycho.
Let me clarify, I do respect my mother’s wishes, but I also respect…making out with boys in cars and on swings.
I can honestly say through experience that you are less likely to get taken advantage of by someone when you are making out with another boy.
And that is just Science.

See, my mother was full of all sorts of life lessons when I was younger like:

“T-shirts were made for men, ladies don’t wear t-shirts.”


“It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor man.”


“When you grow older, I already know everything is going to be my fault.”

And of course, she knows all the great late night rape places.

The last one was slightly true. The older I get, the more I look back at some of the things that were said and just think “Oh, what the hell Mom?”
I begin to realize that the perfect picture of a Mom and the image of the mother that a lot of my friends want to be and are, is not how my mother was.
So, the last statement she said (and says quite often) is slightly true. In a lot of ways, my mother wasn’t very matronly and so we were treated like adults. We were given a lot of freedom and when there was a restriction, it was very direct in the advice.
Also, she is really good at guilt trips.
But growing up, I am just as direct when talking to people as she was with her advice and chastisements when we were younger.
And I have found myself talking to children very direct and adult like. It makes me realize that even though I will try to be that perfect mother later on, I will still always be direct and treat them like adults too.

Which brings this image to mind of me talking to a three-year old saying: “Do you really think you are making good life choices right now?”

Scary, but the whole thing makes me smile.
I like that I am very direct and all her weird advice is kind of funny now that I am older.
It was effective sometimes, I do not go mess around in the desert.
I do wear t-shirts and obviously the park times.

Anyways, just thought you needed some good advice from my mother.
You’re welcome.



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