So, a couple of days ago I was taking a snapchat (can’t remember for who) and I made a short video.
Well, my sister walked in and said “You’re going to send that without makeup on?
I did.

Recently I went on a few dates with a guy I really connected with.
It didn’t work out, he tried to friend zone me after we made out. I just told him to forget it.
Which all sounds cooler than it actually was. Like I shut him and his friendship down, when really it was long and painful.
But before all that, we were spending quite a few nights talking and kissing. And because he got off work real late, sometimes he would ask to see me after I was in bed with my makeup off. In fact, about 60% of the time he saw me was without makeup.
And he told me I always looked beautiful.
Now, that may seem sad because it ended so poorly, but there are actually a lot of small comments men who have hurt me have said in the past that I hold onto for my self esteem. I try to apply them to myself to change my perspective on myself.

And so, I’ve been trying to be less worried about people seeing me without makeup if it happens.
Been trying to realize that makeup is made to accentuate my natural beauty, not make me beautiful.

So, I am trying to be comfortable with people seeing this:


And not just this:


Obviously I prefer it with the makeup, but my face by itself is good as well.
I am who I am and that was beautiful enough for him. It’s beautiful enough for a lot of people I know.
It should be beautiful enough for me.


4 thoughts on “#NoMakeup

  1. I love your gorgeous, big, green eyes with and without makeup! You’re so adorable!!!! And look at those perfect!
    Mashallah! You’re so pretty! :D

  2. This is not just me saying this, I TRULY MEAN IT!!! :) You are GORGEOUS!!! You don’t need makeup to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Ah!!! I’m jealous! :) I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU! :) :) :) :) :)

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