Those Three Words.

I was listening to this song the other day. Because I love Noah & the Whale and I listen to it quite frequently.
Adorable song:

There is one part of the song that really struck when I was listening to it the last couple of days when I heard it:

I nearly ruined it
By saying I love you
And nearly meaning it
But you know I would never waste those words

It really made me think about the times that I have said that I love someone. Including the time I most recently told someone who I loved them.

I love you are some pretty big words. They symbolize a major feeling in someone. Usually are implying that you are loyal to that person and you want to be around them more than others.
Often times it’s expressing a commitment to that person that is very deep and long-term.
When I think about it that way, I guess I have been a little liberal with those words.

But on the other hand, if you are feeling those things at the time, it is important to say it.
I don’t really understand how you could “nearly” mean that you love someone. If I am going to say I love you, I mean it.
I don’t willy-nilly say I love you unless there are feelings behind it.
It could be possible that I gain feelings very quickly for people. That is possible as well.

However, I think that if you feel something, you should tell that person.
I’m not sure.
I am not good with men.

Anyways, just something I have been thinking.
Love you.


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