Nothing is going on.

I have been wanting to post something on my blog for the last couple of days, but there is literally nothing going on in my life that is new or exciting.
I have reached a dull point for the last week where not even my thoughts echo something exciting. |
I haven’t thought of anything new or done anything new, I am just doing the same thing I always do.

Routines and I have a love/hate relationship.
On the one had there is comfort in the fact that I know what is going to happen. I guess less worry.
But there is also the restlessness.
I need something to challenge me, even if it is just mentally something I can think about that will challenge me.

That is one of the reasons that I wanted to post on my blog.
Being able to write out my thoughts and express them really helps break up that “This is what I do everyday, forever.”

I don’t know.
I don’t have much to say and I am tired.
I cannot remember a time before I was tired. I keep wanting to go home early from work just so I can take a nap or two.
But then when I get home I cannot sleep. It’s the worse.

Anyways, still don’t have much to say.
Just talking at this point.
I just wanted to say hi.
And smile at you.

Just a smile

Have a good day.


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