Steven knows I like him.

So, as I have mentioned in other blog posts, I recently joined a gym.
One thing that I have been doing at this gym is swimming for my cardio. I don’t mind doing cardio, but I have to say that swimming instead of running makes the time go by faster.
Also, you don’t get as hot, because you are in the water.
Also Also, I should have been born a mermaid.

I have been swimming and I try to swim around 45 minutes a day.
However, I swim before I go to work at 6 am. So as of right now I am getting up at 3:50 to be at the gym early enough to get 45 minutes in and still get dressed at the gym.
It’s fun being me.

I’m not really sure if I am truly getting a good workout or not yet, but I do get out of the pool sweaty and I think I am seeing results?
Sometimes I imagine I look like a cartoon who can’t swim, just flailing around in the water and not going anywhere.

Well, yesterday I was swimming and there was another lady in the pool. I couldn’t help but watch her form as she swam, she had excellent form.
And then I wondered about my form.
My mother put us in swimming classes each summer and as I was swimming yesterday, I was thinking about what made her do that?
I mean, why did she put us in swimming classes? None of us were swimmers.
Now my younger brother is, but not then.
Who knows why my mother does what she does. Probably just to make me wonder.
Although, I will probably take my kids to swimming lessons, since it is a good workout and that’s what I was brought up doing.

As I began to think about swimming lessons, I started to think about one particular story of this lifeguard who taught the swimming lessons that I had a crush on.
I was 8 and he was 16.
Probably the love of my life. He was pretty cute.
Even remembering how he looked, if he walked by right now, I would be thinking “What up, boy?”. I am so consistent.
I remember I used to hate when he didn’t give our lessons, because then I couldn’t stare at him the whole lesson and he wouldn’t see what a great swimmer I was.
I’m trying to impress people here.

Well, I remember one of the last lessons of the summer and I was running late, I couldn’t find my swimsuit. So I told my brother to take all my other siblings without me.
That I was just not going to go.
So they all left and I was standing in my room looking for my bathing suit and I got a call from my mother. She was not happy that I was not going.
She asked me if I looked in my hamper and I said I had. She told me to dump out my hamper and there was my swimsuit. (It was bright pink with yellow flowers. I had different tastes then.)

Well, my brother came back to take me to the lesson and as I was walking across the pool area to the bathroom to go change into my swimsuit, my older sister yelled out across the pool yard:


I remember blushing immediately and looking up at Steven sitting on the lifeguard tower sticking his tongue out at me and laughing.
The worst thing that can happen to an 8-year-old girl.
The guy who is twice my age that I was in love with that summer knew I liked him?
I remember running into the bathroom and then later on throwing his regular, non-lifeguard T-shirt in the pool as retaliation.

Anyways, this is what I was thinking about as I swam laps for exercise the other day.
My sister told Steven I like him.
Steven knows I like him.


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