Welcome to the Locker Room, I’m naked.

Okay, so I recently joined a gym for the first time in my life.
So that’s nice.
And I have started working out in the mornings before work. So I get dressed in the locker room of the gym instead of in the comfort of my own bathroom.
Which is kind of nice, since I don’t have to clean anything everyday.

Anyways, one thing that I am really confused about would be whether you can just get undressed in the common area or whether you have to go into one of the bathroom stalls. And it was really cramped in there.
I was just dressing in the stalls until the other day when I was walking through the locker room and there was a woman in her 70s probably full on naked in the common area.
That was fun for my eyeballs.
But seeing this naked woman made me realized “Wait, we can just get naked anywhere in the locker room? Whaaaat?”

So, I’ve started just getting naked wherever I want in there.
Not saying that I just wander around the locker room naked showing everyone what’s up, but mostly just next to my locker.
First off, this makes me wonder if I am being immodest in some way. I mean, should I be worried about other women seeing my naked body?
I’m not feeling insecure about it. I would if I got naked in the men’s locker room, but it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable in the women’s.
The second thing I wonder is if I am making other people uncomfortable. I mean, today a woman walked in and I said “Good Morning” like it was no big deal while I was naked.

Good Morning! How’s it going?
Have you seen my breasts yet?

No, mostly just my friendly self kicked in and I said Good Morning as soon as we made eye contact without thinking I might be making her uncomfortable with my nudity.
Apparently greeting people takes preference over being stark naked.
Although, I have never had a problem in front of other girls. Even when I was at girl’s camp and I was 275 lbs, we all had to get dressed in the same place.
I remember announcing “I’m getting naked. If you want to see come look, if not go out of the room.” I mean, that’s how it is.
But you can’t really do that in a locker. People just have to sit there while my body happens to them, like that old woman’s happened to me.

I don’t know if it’s uncomfortable for other people or not.
And that’s just what I am a little worried about.
I should just start asking people as they walk in.


One thought on “Welcome to the Locker Room, I’m naked.

  1. I see nothing wrong at all with you or anyone else being nude in the ladies locker room. I do it all of the time at my gym. Of course, my gym only has open group showers, about 20 shower heads coming out of the walls with no dividers or anything. Plus, everyone is required to take a nude soap shower before they’re allowed in the pool or hot tubs. So obviously gym management expects nudity in the locker rooms, as do the gym members.

    I have been nude in front of thousands of other females in my life. Group showering after gym class in middle school, high school and at summer camp as well as at the gym as an adult, I have no issues at all with other females seeing me in the buff.

    I prefer a more openly “naked” ladies locker room, whereas my husband prefers a more “uptight” locker room for the men.

    If you’re comfortable being nude, then be nude! I have a friend who goes to the gym with me a lot. She’s not comfortable being seen nude by others. But she has no problem at all with me or any of the other ladies being nude in the locker room. I guarantee that you’re not offending anyone.

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