Life is a lot harder than I initially thought.

So, I was at my younger brother’s high school the other day, I have to say that one thing I always wonder when I have to pick up my younger siblings from school or go on their school campus is: Can everyone tell I’m an adult? 
Like seriously, is it obvious?
Should I wear a shirt that says “Hey, I’m straight up an adult.
Or how about “Can legally drink. HA!”  That one not so much, cause I don’t drink.
I’m required by the government to pay taxes, what up?
I choose to live with my mother, losers.”
I’m really good at coming up with shirts.
My secret calling.

Anyways, it was the finals for swimming and my younger brother totally won his two strokes.
Out of all the high schools.
He’s impressive and could probably beat you up.
As I was sitting there waiting for his heats to come up, I heard some of the other high school boys talking.
It went something like this:

“My math teacher is always bugging me and I just think ‘Who are you to say something to me? You’re a math teacher. Clearly something went wrong in your life.'”

I edited the word bugging a little bit, but that was the gist of it.
That really made me think a bit.
I remember being in high school, sorta. (I didn’t like it.) And I could see myself saying something along those lines like my teacher’s were such losers for being teachers.
Yet now, here I am only a few years later and I am about to walk up to them and give them a patronizing speech starting with: “Wait a minute guys, that’s a good profession. Health Benefits…”

A couple of weeks ago I was out to dinner with a couple of friends and they brought up one of our acquaintances (not with us) and they mentioned that this man wanted to buy an Audi.
My reaction was “How could he possibly think he is getting an Audi? He’s 23. Who’s paying for that crap?
…I actually said that out loud and got told it’s nice to have ambitions.
That’s true, but ambitions are for the future. You can have an Audi later, but thinking you are going to have an Audi when you are 23 and in college is unrealistic.
Like really.

I just want to walk up to those people and say “What are you going to be to have these things?”
And not in a discouraging way, although it probably would come off that way, but I honestly want to know.
I mean, sure when I was in high school I thought that I was better than my teachers for some twisted reason, but I never had the expectation that I would be better than them or have nicer things than them.
In fact, I don’t think I am better than anyone ever nowadays. I just don’t think about it.
But I seriously want to ask some of these people Who are you going to be?
I feel like sometimes other people’s lives are so much more filled with delusions of grandeur than mine is.
But I also feel like when we are younger we have all these expectations of things that are going to happen, who we will be and where we will stand in the status quo.

And life is not like that.
Or at least my life isn’t.

I’m clearly weird.


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