Dresses are nice, but…


Okay, every week I sit and I plan all week what I am going to wear to church on Sunday.
I almost buy a new dress every single paycheck I get.
Then when church time comes, I will sit and do my hair, wear lipstick, put in contacts, heels and basically get decked out.
I like looking like a girl and I love getting all dressed up, looking pretty.
But it is a lot of work and I am more in love with other things.

I am more in love with jeans and tennis shoes.
I had not worn some tennis shoes in a long time, because most of my shoe money went to Toms and I was not sure what style I was going for. I had always loved converse, but somewhere a long the way I got disinterested in buying them.
It might have been when my mother called them “clown shoes”.
But who knows.

The point is, during the week I cannot be bothered with dressing up.
I can’t be bothered with wearing dresses and coordinating every single thing I am wearing.
Too much work and too early in the morning.
Plus, there is nothing more comfortable than jeans.
I actually had my coworker say to me the other day “No one is asking you to wear something other than jeans, Corrie. We won’t require you to part with that love.”
Now, I had never mentioned that I loved jeans to this coworker, they just happened to notice that I wear them everyday.
That’s kind of awkward.
I don’t pay attention to what other people wear every day. And jeans aren’t weird.
It’s not like I wear gauchos everyday.

I don’t know.
The point is, yesterday I got all dressed up for church and that was nice.
But then right after church I got back into my jeans, my converse and my glasses and that was nicer.

You needed to know this.


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