The people that we wanted to know.

Friday my work had a big meeting and it was not a happy one. It was basically, what one of my supervisors calls it, a “coming to Jesus” meeting. (I love that he calls it that. PFF.)
At one point in the meeting our direction said the words: “I think McDonald’s is hiring.
Yeah…one of those meetings.

Anyways, in the process of this meeting the conversation turned to focusing on your work despite what might be going on in your life. As this conversation progressed, one person on our team came out and told us something very personal in an example of how despite this, this person still continues to do their work.
I was flabbergasted.
I had no idea that person was going through something like that. I mean, there was no reason for me to know, but I still would have never guessed.
Luckily I have never been rude to this person to where finding out that they had some sort of personal crisis would fill me with guilt.
Instead it just filled me with shock.
I just had not clue.

Afterwards, I went to one of my co-workers who has been here a lot longer than me. He said that he had not known that either.
(I’m not gossiping! I just wanted to know if anyone knew and only I was out of the loop.)
But he did not know either.
Then he said to me “We all have lives outside of work, Corrie. We are all dealing with things that no one sees.
Okay, I know that. I get that. I am constantly trying to be conscious of what other people are trying to go through.
But here is what I realized after being in that meeting: I spend most of my time with these people.
I have worked here almost 9 months now and I realized that I have spent (roughly) around 108,000 minutes with these people in the last 9 months.
I see them every single day for hours on end.
We should be best friends.
Not really, but we should at least be close?

Okay, probably not. But what I realized is that I spend a lot of time with these people who I work with. Almost as much times as I sleep in a week.
And to spend that much time together, it just seems like it should be a closer relationship.
But it’s just professional.




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