I’m just here.

Okay, do you ever have a day where you are trying to drive to work, but you are so tired you feel like you could run into a wall at any given second?
That’s how my morning was this morning.
I mean, I drank an energy drink, but it’s not doing it for me.
I’m so tired.

Although I am really tired, I always hate when people blame it on the fact that it is Monday.
I hate the idea that we would label an entire day as causing unhappiness for people. I get why it does get people down, you just had the weekend and you got to do whatever you want and now you are back to working.
That’s not fun.

However, I don’t want to label a whole day that  could make me unhappy. I mean, why not expect the greatest things from Monday?
I know that sound so preachy and patronizing,  naive even, but I don’t want to be that person who automatically counts out Monday.
I could meet my soulmate on a Monday.
What then?

But this Monday is really hard for me.
I didn’t really get a weekend this week and when you wake up at 4 am, not having a few days where you can sleep in really makes you worried that while you are driving to work you will fall asleep at the wheel and drive into a wall.
That’s not cute.

This is a really boring post, but I am a really boring person today. I can’t think and I am a zombie.
My one goal is to get through this day so I can go home and go to bed.
That’s what I am all about today.
I hope I have a crazy dream that includes dragons.
I’m just rambling, but I really wanted to post something today and my brain is not working very well.

So, you’re welcome.


One thought on “I’m just here.

  1. Asleep by midnight and waking up at 4 am. My whole office today is dead silent. Comedy on Pandora keeps me awake and laughing on days like today!

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