I found out what vacations are all about!

So, I feel like a lot of the ways that we are raised here in America, we aren’t really prepared for being adults.
I mean, we go to school and it is only 6 hours. When we are in school, we don’t really talk about our careers at all or make our schooling specialized to what we will need in this world.
We just give everyone a general education, what someone has decided everyone should know (but will never remember) and if you want specialized training, you can pay upwards of $30,000 for that, my dear.
Also, when you are in your primary education years, you get breaks all the time.
I mean, three months off? That’s what’s up.
This week is spring break, a whole week off? I’m down.

Then you turn 18 and graduate.
Now what?
You get a job. Go to that upwards $30,000 school.
And this is where I am at.
I am quite a bit more ahead than this, but when looking at it generally, this is where I am at.
And it really wasn’t until recently that I realized what a vacation is all about.
You see, when I was younger I would get breaks all the time where we were off from school, but we wouldn’t go on vacation.
Vacation was when you had to go somewhere or you had something really fun to do.

But a few weeks ago I was driving somewhere and I realized that I have a car payment. I have a full-time job. I have bills.
I am doing grown up things. I may not be an “adult”, but I sure as heck do adult things.
Part of realizing this came along with the realization that you don’t really get breaks like you used to. You don’t get days where you sit and lay around.
On my days off, I have errands to run. I have crap I have to do. I can’t just lay around the house.
And I don’t get a  break outside of the weekend. There are no days where my job shuts down.
If they do shut down, it’s a holiday, but those are rather few in the year when you are not in school.
When do you get a break?

That’s when I realized what vacation was all about.
It’s not a time where your parents have enough money for you to go somewhere.
Nope, that’s when you can take time off to lay around and recuperate from the rat race thing.

The point is, I am tired. I want to sleep in.
I am working full-time and going to school full-time. I feel like I am stretched so thin sometimes that I don’t even know what I am doing with myself.
And I don’t know how to set up a vacation for myself, because my instinct is to work and to keep working and unless you have something to do, you go to work.
But at some point I need to throw off that idea and actually take a vacation.

I don’t know.
I hope you are having a good day.


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